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The Cause
An Examination of the Attack on High School – 2007 |

“The Cause” by raises questions about the April 20, 1999 attack on High School which have gone unaddressed or unanswered by corporate and state media.

Why do counts of the ballistics evidence charts yield totals far greater than the three hundred-odd shots officially stated by law enforcement officials to have been fired? Why did students and teachers inside the school during the attack describe up to a dozen distinct shooters, some of whom some of them were able to identify by name as neither nor ? Why were the people of the world told that the attack was a “wake-up call” when some students knew it to have been “the big rumor” for up to two years in advance? There is much more to the story of the attack on than has been widely made known. 

's “The Cause” is a feature-length video presentation based on public domain government records related to the official “investigation” of the High School shootings.

This film includes many recorded quotes from witnesses, 911 calls, suspect interrogations and witness interviews from police files, which have not been publicized, to make its case that there were more perpetrators involved than the infamous teens accused of this alleged mass-murder/suicide.

Corroborating statements from High School students, faculty and others conflict directly with the conclusions presented in the Sheriff's Office Final Report, on many accounts, which are explored at length and very convincingly in this film.

For example, wherever witnesses made printed statements about the shooters, which did not include Harris or Klebold, their names were redacted in these legal documents and remain so, to this day.

Source: The Columbine Cause – An Examination of the April 20 1999 Attack on Columbine High School


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