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The Rise of the Slave Class Explained.

concisely describes 's plan in less that two minutes.

“You will still have to wear your masks when the fail.”

“You don't need the mask, the mask is about compliance… next they're going to tell you to take the vaccine… and because they know [you] like to do what you're told… they are hoping that everyone just complies.”

“Next they're going to tell you “sorry, the vaccine isn't as effective as we told you it was gonna be… so now you still have to wear your mask.” What happened? The same amount of people died, everything is the same, and now they're gonna put you back on and bring it all the way until July (2021) and then they will do the whole thing again… just to be able to bring you off in September, If you idiots haven't worked it out, it's a perpetual cycle that you never get out of… and it's way to take your rights, your freedoms, close your business, take your wealth… so you become dependent on government.”

“If you're independent, the government works for you like it's supposed to. If you're depend on the government to give you a pay-cheque to fed your family every month… now the government rules you…”

“So instead of a middle class, we have the government upper class, and the lower class dependents that rely on the government to survive…”

“…in other words, we have a slave class… and that's what they're trying to do.”

The End Game

“Once you know the end game is the vaccine passport, every time you comply with the next step, they bring you closer to the end game so complying is not how you get out of this, complying is how you get screwed for life.”

V4X Passports


“Their doing psychological warfare on you to weaken you to the point where you will not only accept defeat, you will accept perpetual defeat for the rest of your life.”

Refusing Testing

On 22 February 2021 Chris posted a video of himself walking through Pearson Airport as he refused a PCR Test. The censorious creeps at Facebook have since deleted Sky's account on the lame platform.

“If you are a Canadian citizen simply deny the test, deny their quarantine and there's nothing they can do.”


this is how you assert your rights. refuse the test and quarantine and skip a 2 hour line up! made friends with thr police too!”

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It's simple. Fight or flee.



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