The Eternal Pandemic – The Truth About the New World Order

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The corruption Responsible for the Deaths of Millions Worldwide.

The Eternal – The Truth About the – 2021

The is not of a virus, but a plague known as the financial system. This plague has enslaved mankind for centuries through usury, corporatization, pharmaceuticals, media, and blind self-indulgence.

Our world is enslaved by a hedonistic system designed to give us the illusion of freedom. For the first time in history, we can indulge in any food we want. If we choose to eat a poor diet, we can simply fall back on the same hedonistic system that put us into bad in the first place: the corporations that own pharmaceutical drugs and process our food.

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Source: The Eternal Pandemic (2021) Part 1 | The Truth About the New World Order

Source: The Eternal Pandemic (2021) Part 2 | The Truth About COVID-19


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