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The War Against Humanity

Naomi Wolf – 10 June 2022 |

Naomi Wolf rejoins to discuss the disastrous consequences of a ludicrous mandated medical experiment.

graduated from Yale in 1984 and was a Rhodes scholar at New College, Oxford University. She is the author of the bestselling feminist books, “The Beauty Myth”, “Fire with Fire”, “Promiscuities” and “Misconceptions”. The New York Times called “The Beauty Myth” one of the 70 most significant books of the century. More recently, Naomi has written books critiquing the establishment's advances in , vaccinations and many more issues which she addresses with James.

“It is a war on the human race to create a post humane reality. The sophistication and scale and the unison-like quality of it really can only be explained by understanding it as a spiritual battle, a war against good and evil.”

Source: Naomi Wolf


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