Naomi Wolf: “There is a Sustained War on British Culture, Institutions and Psyche” | The Delingpod

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Naomi Wolf joins James in the foxhole and they bond greatly over mask fascism, lockdown fanaticism and the jab. Wolf warns that Britain is already all but lost.

“It's visible to me over the course of the last year that people are losing their minds. Their mental health is suffering in a way that is very much like cult behaviour or an abusive relationship.” 

What's Coming Next?

Britain, Australia and Canada seem to be used as petri dishes. It appears from the policies we see that they are being used to model and experiment on a massive scale. It's the same script and talking points in Britain, Australia and Canada. Without civil disobedience on a massive scale Brits can expect:

  • Vaccine Passport to be imposed – It's over once you have .
  • A new variant to be expected in the Autumn.
  • Parliament will never really reconvene.
  • British assets will continue to be sold behind the scenes to foreign powers.
  • The UK will be a puppet state.
  • Lockdowns will be expected every winter.

“Culture doesn't just survive, it needs human contact and acculturation to survive. Britain is being so isolated and people are being so tormented and so surveilled that all the things that make up the country are being forgotten.” 

Where is the tyranny coming from?

There are some important facts that people are missing. The data are now in:

  • Locked down countries and states don't do any better than open countries and states. It didn't matter, it didn't make a difference.
  • The science does not support any lockdowns.
  • Everything that happened in Britain violated European human rights law.
  • Everything that happened in the US violated the constitution. 
  • Asymptomatic transmission doesn't have strong evidence to support it.
  • No one has been allowed to see raw data sets for PCR testing. 
  • ONS doesn't rule out multiple test results for one person being counted as results for multiple people.
  • PCR tests run at a high cycle threshold generate false positives to scale.
  • There is no disclosure of what cycle threshold British tests have been run at so we don't even know if there has even been a pandemic in Britain.
  • Deaths are being lumped together with other causes of death. Things are being called ‘Covid deaths' when on investigation they are not Covid deaths. 
  • The average age of a Covid death in the US is 85 which is 6 years older than the average age of death.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that healthy young people are dying in any appreciable numbers from this illness which has been represented as an inevitably fatal illness. 
  • None of the metrics of this ‘pandemic' have been confirmed. It's not true unless you can confirm it. 
  • Death certificates in Britain have not been audited. We really don't know how many people actually died from Covid. 

Asymmetrical Warfare 

They see a victory as winning without ever firing a shot. This is achieved by using what the intelligence community calls ‘cut-outs'. You need politicians and community leaders that you can buy. Follow the and follow the geopolitics.

  • Bill Gates is in a $300,000,000 partnership with the Chinese Communist Party. Hundreds of millions are flowing from the Bill and Melinda gates foundation to many institutions and corrupting them.  
  • and the WEF have talked about ‘'. Vaccination is going to be the threshold for managing and monitoring all populations mobility, civic engagements, commerce etc. 
  • In March of 2020, the BIG Tech companies founded the ‘ Response Project' to fund messaging around Covid to create this one message and buy up politicians, community leaders, universities and news outlets. 

What is the goal?

The West is the target. They say the world is currently ‘unsustainable'. 

The ‘pandemic' has been used as an excuse for a global crackdown on human rights and liberties causing very angry populations. Our freedoms our heritage and our culture are under threat because angry populations can be managed by this oligarchical elite much more comfortably if we don't have rights and freedoms, we don't have property, we don't have rights of assembly and are broken psychologically. 

It's very hard to manage such a global undertaking without some coordination. It's a loose affiliation of manually interested parties. 

On ‘'

The history of woman's health and medicine shows that If you don't test things properly on women to make sure it's safe before you roll it out, terrible things always happen. It is very concerning that there are no completed double blind control, peer review published studies confirming that it is safe for pregnant women. 

  • It's an experimental treatment. It hadn't completed its trials. The last trials are in 2023. 
  • When the state starts to coerce things medically, terrible things happen. Once the state owns your body there's no limit to what it will ask. 
  • We are offering the bodies of mothers and babies to an unproven outcome. It's completely outside of the norms and practices and ethics of women's healthcare up till now. 

What hope is there?

  • There has to be peaceful disobedience on a massive scale everyday. 
  • Get out of your house and assemble with other people. We are confined by technology and lied to by the media, we have to be talking face to face with each other. 
  • We need to be brave. When people think they're going to be safe by keeping their mouth closed, history shows that at this point in s declining  democracy we are actually at more risk if we stay quiet. 

Source: ‎The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast: Naomi Wolf on Apple Podcasts


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