Alex Krainer – A Dark, Parasitical Plague of Quasi-human Predators | John Waters

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Total War

An honest conversation with   – 5 April 2023 |

We are fighting a war for our children's lives, for the right to look them in the eye and promise them it will be okay, that they will have the same chance of peace and happiness that we've had. That war, insists, is already won, but could be lost even yet by virtue of our complacency or inattention.

In this conversation with , the Croation-born geopolitical commentator and financial analyst, , dissects the meaning of the moment humanity has fetched up in, the culmination of centuries of a relentless war against our species by a tiny segment of its number, a dark, parasitical plague of quasi-human predators that have lived off the labour of others for nearly as long as humanity has endured, and do not want to desist. Krainer talks Covid, Ukraine, Putin, , the motherWEFfers, human productivity, money, happiness, love and hope — and everything else in between!

This may be the most important conversation you've heard in the past three years of horror since the war burst into plain sight.

Source: an honest conversation with john waters


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