Mark Windows: “This system is Communitarianism” | Glitch In The Code

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With the likes of Tedros from the WHO saying “Our common Future” and “No one will be left behind” we are looking at meaningless terms like “Sustainable Development” which in regards to the bloodline crown families means Eugenics, population decrease and “one world Governance”.

is a decentralised system of control for the entire planet.”

Mark Windows

This is communitarianism which is a decentralised system of control for the entire planet. When you hear ‘vibrant’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘diverse’ these are communitarianism terms, all inverted from their true meaning which is a cult practice. The mask you are wearing has nothing to do with health and everything to do with compliance.

Source: The Glitch In The Code Show | GLITCH IN THE CODE With MARK WINDOWS

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