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2020 Death Numbers are in and they’re really really bad…

It’s the Fourth Worst Year since 1990!

2021 looks like it might even surpass that.

“35 more people died in 2020 than during 2019, statistics reveal.”

A panicked Tony Blair calls for a final solution.

A senior government minister has said, the infected should be kept in giant fish tanks, but isn’t all this a little premature?

Let’s look at the UK stats…

Age-standardised mortality rate (per 100,000 population) | 1990 – 2020

Data: ONS | Deaths in the UK from 1990 to 2020

(following governmental instructions, The ONS have now updated their statistics to better reflect the Pandemic and global conspiracy)

So now that we’ve immediately established the pandemic is one giant globalist con-trick, let’s move straight on to the fundamental question of why…

  • Is it because they have information they fear to tell us?
  • Is it because a giant asteroid is heading straight to earth? – The_Void remains hopeful.

So if the virus is the new bogeyman what about the vaccine?

Say whaaaa…t?

All Hail The Marvellous Vaccine!


  • What if it turns out that the vaccine attacks your body?
  • What if the vaccine is deadlier than the virus?

Fake virus = Fake vaccine = Fake reality

Create a problem then utilise your preferred solution.

*The more masks you wear, the safer you are… unless you suffocate. Nobody could write this shit.

Home Truths

There are only three things we’re absolutely sure of…

  • 1. This is the biggest hoax in history.
  • 2. The Vaccine will become the disease.
  • 3. At some point the unvaxxed will be wearing yellow stars.

Roll Up!
Roll Up!

It’s The Greatest Horror Show In The Galaxy!

Follow the money

Some people are making so much dough off of other peoples fear it’s obscene, while at the same time the worlds economy is going straight down the shitter. I’d love to know how the glorious zealots are gonna pay for their monolith when Britain goes into bankruptcy and depression.

For us, like many, the only logical conclusion to all this is… something very bad and very sinister has taken over our world.


Links and sources:

Source: Flu World Order

Source: COVID-19 Study

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