Who Pays The Sandman?

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2022 Vision

Those with their eyes open they can see everything!

It doesn't matter how long travelled you are or how far down the rabbit hole you have been, we all now see with 2022 vision. We've witnessed an unmistakable deception played on the whole world by every government in lockstep during months of fear-pumping by the most duplicitous, disgusting parasites on our planet. They lied, we know it, and now the whole charade has been blown wide open. It has dawned on millions of people that something more sinister has been happening and that maybe it is true that the world is controlled by a secretive cabal of the most evil people on earth…

Redemption Song

Everything is interconnected to today's events. From the web of deceit our societies are built on, to the furthest reaches of power and the evil control system. Everything starts to become clear. You can view past events with greater understanding and clarity and you can see the future with near certainty. What happens when people realise there was no virus? What happens when people find out what's been done to them? The heart problems, the clots, the catastrophic immune system damage, the sterilisation, the diminished health and life expectancy? Fuck!

The whole world is going to explode. Which means we now have a new reality to face up to…

What happens next?

Can those that wished such ill on the non-compliant ever find redemption or solace? Will they ever be able to retrieve or restore their lost humanity? It's a big question that will be asked by many. The medical professionals who went along with the propaganda and defied their hippocratic oath in failing to treat their patients with dignity and respect, how will they be received? The news anchors and journalists that fear-pumped the public with an incessant barrage of lies and falsehoods… The politicians who lied about literally everything. Is there any way any of these people can ever be forgiven?

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds.”

Bob Marley

Chosen Sides

It's said that if you dance with the devil you can never escape his grip. If you chose to lie, cheat and swindle you're way to riches, you are a crook not a CEO. If you deliberately inject people with a deadly concoction, you are a murderer not a health professional. If you pushed the programme of genocide, you are evil and there can be no redemption for you.

No amount of penitence or grovelling can save your sorry arse.

Storm Riders

Alliance forces in the form of lawyers, policemen, business people, medical professionals, teachers, truthers and the general public will all have to become the agenda drivers and justice seekers. The sheer volume of criminals to be processed will take a gargantuan effort by all, but it will be one that is worth it. You will only have to look at those you love most and you'll find all the justification you need.

Everything will be as clear as crystal.

Red Lines

The line was well and truly crossed when the vaccine that assured the country was for adults only, was rolled out to children across the land. How many have been seriously injured?

How many have had their lives changed forever?

How many have died?

It's clear that one would be too many, but I fear the number may be far greater. What happens when the adverse injury numbers come out? This will be the hardest rage to contain in any measured way and it might just be best to let it run…

Spiritual Leader

We may be leaderless, but we are all leaders now. We must push this quest to it's full conclusion. The guilty must be held to account. The criminals will range in scale and relevance, but above all, we must reach up to the very top of the ladder and crop the highest fruit. It's because of these evil bastards we now live in a divided world with an unsettled bill that has to be paid.

It would be easy to slip into mob rule during the chaos, especially when there's a vengeful public wanting blood for the heinous crimes of sadists, satanists and psychopaths, but know this, if you act like them you risk becoming them. Justice must be measured and real. The different levels of criminality will require different levels of punishment.

Feeding the Pack

Maybe we will have to throw a few bones to the wolves. Perhaps Blair and Alibhai-Brown for starters? and Fauci should be given ‘try-outs' Joker style. The survivor gets to face Schwab and so on… until all the collaborators have faced their own nemesis.


False prophets, doppelgängers, plants, and double agents will already be among us. There will only be a few, and most will be revealed by their own cowardice. Keep an eye out for any Hitchcockesque plot twists though.


Open confessional hearings of recourse and reconciliation along the lines of post-South African apartheid should be held where the unedited truth is told in exchange for forgiveness. Obviously this will only apply to those who were forced and coerced into doing bad things, and not the outright evil doers themselves. Forgiveness has to be deserved as well as earned.

We also understand that many people acted in good faith and are innocent of any duplicity. They trusted their government and their leaders to do what was best for them and the country, to do the right thing. They were dramatically wrong, but it doesn't matter now how misguided they were, they don't carry any blame, they are not culpable, they were duped by professionals. The only thing you can really say about these people is that without their compliance none of this would have been possible.

The Parallax View

will throw up that many patsy's to protect themselves, it'll be like a duck shoot. The sacrificial lambs will be left to the slaughter in the hope that they can escape justice, but this time there will be no escape for the satanist order.

You can't win an epic battle of good verses evil without slaying the demons.

The Chaos Variant

When we are free and our lands are just again, imagine the frauds, deceptions and historical lies we'll discover. The distortions. The concealments. The travesties. etc… The anger will be audible and palpable, the outcome uncertain. A price will be paid.

Most of us who've seen through this tragedy understand how it all works, it's a story so simple even a child could understand it. There can be no hiding place for the evil doers. No hole too deep. No swamp too foul.

They must be found and tried.

Low Life Court

Local trials and investigations will also play an important part in seeking justice. Some of the minor players can be dealt with at local level. The likes of low-grade fake news stenographers, occasional experts, and rabid political pundits should be put on community service and rations until pensionable age.

The Calling

When the people re-inherit their lives, laws, and lands, their leaders will have already emerged. Some have already become obvious to us during the trials and tribulations of the reign of terror. Now every one of us must rise to the occasion and see this through.

Our Time is Now

It's the end of an epoch. The period of despair is coming to a close. The future can be hopeful again if we choose it to be. We can prevail as a species, but it will take a collective super human effort. We start with retribution. The bill must be paid. Justice must be served. The guilty have to answer to us. It's called paying the Sandman… If we fail, we go to hell. It's that simple.


The Last Days of The Cabal


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1 reply

    “Freedom includes the natural right to resist and reject any technology that endangers life..”
    I work in AI artificial intelligence and have spent another few decades in the entertainment media industry. I am ashamed of my industry who stay quiet, as a parasitic unelected Davos elite crowd devour humanity’s bright energy into a brutal, fear-full, technocracy world only fitted for themselves. They have weaponized invisible technologies, paranoid of losing their obsessive control.
    It’s a Rule by the algorithm. That is their game now. They encode “viruses” and give them a weaponized, video-game identity. In this video game, you lose all your freedoms and must display gratitude and servitude. Viral code trumps all other forms of politics.
    No one with a sane mind should be ok with the fact that the U.S. government in its U.S. Code has an active biological weapons program that makes it “legal” and “acceptable” to test those biologics, radiation, epigenetic vaccines, and many other synthetic gene alterations, obfuscated under Gain of Function GOF dual use “research purposes” on any and every population in the world, including and especially it’s own.
    The elephant in the room is why are we ok that DARPA a black ops military agency involved with the development of these so called medicines. mRNA is not the problem, its how these little understood technologies have been weaponized.

    These weaponized brain technologies and the new IoB Internet of Bodies, IoS Internet of Senses have been developed through their triple AAA protocols.
    A- access to brain A-assessment of the brain A-affect the brain So they can deploy these through:
    You can learn more about these subjects that they categorize as ISC. Integrated Scientific Convergence
    ( ISC) in Neuroscience

    From my perspective I see this war at the intersection of scienctism over consciousness by militarization that will sever the timeline of humanity.
    The scientists have no clue what they are playing with. They are children with knives thinking they are the chefs, whom are neophytes just arriving at playing magician ( coz play at best) The military is always the psychopaths in the room so nothing new here.
    And no public of “people” in its right sane mind would sit back and allow what the United States government has become in all aspects of politics and war.
    Yet the deeds are done, and the crime against us is only getting worse.
    This leads me to believe that my expectations of people to be in a normal sanity might very well be misplaced.
    It is time to consider the very strange and unbelievable reality that maybe, just maybe, the majority of the population might just be possible that they no longer even have the ability to control their minds…
    Let me explain.
    I have been concerned for quite some time, working in media for two decades and now as a programmer in Artificial Intelligence. I also must clarify that I am also adept occult researcher and this has provided a greater field of view to understand the etiology codes of life’s mysteries. There is a unique perspective in understanding the symbiosis between our nature and technology, and its exogenous effects. I can also discern the deception of false religions, and the how true meaning of Christ teachings and true history have been rewritten using the programming language of our words. Manipulations of our language of words and meaning by these parasites, has granted them our consent to enslave both our body and souls. Jesus Christ reinterpreted as savior coming out of the sky is just as suspect as Q white hats are in control!

    Words funnel energy through our God created code, energy that vibrate out creating our perception of matter and reality. More correctly these parasites manipulate our energy by from the etheric dimension to steal our light.
    The Christian who understands that it is a world of difference, whom you are serving, and language is the key how these bastards deceive us to gain our consent. Asking for salvation from a Yaw or Yes is a matter of continuing living in their matrix of hell
    There is always good news though, because we are are made from our Creator divine code and Yeshu’a can deliver us from this hell we have consented too. We can become who we truly are, once we see that we are yet a mirror of this universe that we project with all its energy, frequency and vibration. We generate also light to fuel this whole miracle. We must reclaim our authority in the name of our Supreme Creator and speak loudly that you do not consent and God as your witness.

    We are at the crossroads of the bifurcation of humanity while being deceived to merge with machines. When the few tyrants attempt to play God without permission; I understand it to be an abomination.

    From archaeon to archon. From egg to ego. From cell to self. From gamete to gamer. Or is it the other way around? Which came first? The ego or the egg? The gamer enters the game. This all begs the question: can we go from parasites to paradise?

    The parasites of the Davos NWO crowd are certainly not interested in man achieving his own destiny. They hate nature. And they hate you. These parasites are about having complete control over your energy and now your consciousness to feed off your light. Now they have wormed their way into billions, having a direct channel into humanity’s divine internal light, right down to its genomic code.

    The Gnostics wrote about archons that parasite our energy. The Chief archon they called the demiurge ( or the Native American Indians understand to be the Wetiko Virus). He steals our light-power. But in the end, he will fail and we shall be triumphant.

    The truth is that this is all a game we are playing with ourselves. Infinite Awareness has fabricated a multi-player virtual reality game for its amusement, curiosity, or edification.
    Unfortunately at this bifurcation of humanity, these parasites have their tentacles on the levers of transhumanism nano~technology that enables them to mimic, and destroy the original.

    I encourage everyone to simply object anybody, institutions, authority or otherwise that tries to frighten you. As this will reveal who comes from “opposition”.
    Attention is the key to everything physical and real. In the coming age of Singularity it will be understood that ‘Doing’ becomes reality.
    This is a spiritual war for a fight over
    our will, creative consciousness, heart and souls.
    Live NOT by lies. Respect the Nuremberg code. This was an important code for humanity not to repeat itself.
    We aim to give them a great deal more than they bargained for.

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