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The Q Psy-op

GVP #210 – – There's Still Life In Q |

English computer scientist turned researcher/ author/ activist/ photographer speaks to .

Despite the failure of so many Q pundits' predictions coming to pass, and the covert nature of what is said to be “The Plan” meaning that no documentary evidence or verifiable proofs as to its validity are available, Martin remains convinced as to the veracity of the Q movement, and has written several popular essays on the subject.

“The Q operation is clearly a military grade psychological operation, the question is to what end and by whom?”

In this show he tackles some of the most common reservations, addressing Q's similarity to the earlier stand-down exercise from the Russian Bolshevik revolution, why nothing ever seems to happen as predicted, and elements of Donald J Trump's character which cause many to doubt that he can be trusted.


Following ' discussion with , he posted a written response on his blog where he elaborates on his thoughts. Reposted below.

13 concerns about – 9 March 2022 |

I recently went to see Mark Devlin (pictured above) present on the corrupt and Satanic nature of the , and was impressed by his meticulous research. He asked me to be interviewed for his , and due to his honesty and bravery I made one of my rare “yes” decisions; the result will be published shortly. With his permission I have reproduced his questions, and have written answers — giving me a little more time to reflect and offer more considered replies.

Q seems to be merely a reboot of from the Soviet Russian era of 100 years ago – a stand-down exercise repackaged for the modern era. It smacks of being a psy-op to placate any would-be rebels with the idea that other parties have got this, and they don't need to do anything. The can just keeps getting kicked further and further down the road, and in all the weeks, months and years that get wasted, more and more of the NWO infrastructure gets constructed around us.

Q is definitely a military grade psychological operation! The questions that matter are “by whom?” and “to what end?”. It is possible that Q is a deception and trap, but it is unlikely to be a replay of :

  • The context is different — we are seeing the destruction of an entrenched system of corrupt power, not its establishment like with the Bolsheviks.
  • It makes no sense to be demolishing an already fully functioning system of propaganda and social engineering, or awakening the masses to your misdeeds.
  • It requires heroic assumptions about the likely complicity and/or silence of good people seeking justice for endless illegal wars and events like those of September 11th 2001.
  • It is counter-factual, as we see strongholds like Astana and Ukraine fall, and gold-backed currencies emerge.
  • Those involved in any deception (or complicit by silence) would likely face a grim end is a country so heavily armed.

Occam's Razor says that a simple opposition to a totalitarian project is more plausible than adding an extra layer of deception which requires making further assumptions — indeed a “conspiracy theory”!

There is a residual risk that we may have different “shades of grey” instead of “white hats”, with competing factions. Any power strong enough to topple the “old guard” is susceptible to becoming an “absolute power that corrupts absolutely”. Only time can tell if our faith in Q was well placed.

We've never been able to trust the military before. It has consisted of despotic generals and mind-controlled obedient order-followers, resulting in carnage and death all around the world. Why should we believe that those in these institutions have suddenly become benevolent?

The assumption here seems false: we have many examples of valiant military endeavour halting genocides, overthrowing tyrants, and expelling invaders. Military organisations are necessarily hierarchical to some degree and subject to capture and control by psychopathic interests.

Nonetheless, the kind of evil we face (including the sacrifice of children) is likely to generate a vigorous and dedicated resistance by people of righteous intent and honourable action. Saving children is a noble activity, and many warriors are likely to be willing to give all to this endeavour.

In the specific case of betrayal we currently see (with endless traitors acting from the inside) there is even greater motivation for the honest military to evict the turncoats, as their own lives are on the line if they do not. We saw the beginning of this with Obama purging those who were loyal to their oath and the Constitution.

If “the White Hats are in control” as I'm constantly told by various YouTube pundits – how come chemtrails and 5G are still everywhere, and the MSM are still spouting fear-based propaganda and lies every day?

We are at war, and people die in wars. Sometimes lots of innocent people. Everything is about tradeoffs and minimising the final casualty toll. There is no point in winning select battles that end up causing greater defeat down the road. Whilst and EMF weaponisation are not my subjects, I can say a few things about them.

We could, for instance, have the spreading of bacteria and fungi to eat up heavy metals that have been sprayed in the past. Or perhaps the creation of temporary conductive skies to protect us from possible EMP attacks. We don't know. With 5G, it is a marketing term as much as anything, and tells us little about whether a particular radio network is tuned for health, harm, or even healing.

The mass media has been thrown off balance with the failed Covid narrative, and now is trying to keep a hastily assembled “Moscow Man Bad” story alive with old recycled footage of casualties and warfare. They are being led into a trap which inevitably ends in their total discrediting. It only takes the actor playing in The Bidan Show to pull off his rubber mask the the illusion is broken forever.

If it's a case of “the people can't be told, they have to be shown” – at what point does it get decided that enough is enough and the time has come for disclosure? And who gets to make that decision on behalf of all humanity? Has this shit show not LONG outstayed its welcome now?!

In war bad things happen to good people. There may only be a choice of bad options, with the least worst being the optimal. I was once wisely advised that one reason this process takes so long is that slower timelines open up with few casualties overall. We also have a process that has to synchronise the takedown of three centres of power (Washington DC, City of London, Vatican) as well as the reform of every county's government on the planet. That is happens so fast — the visible action being finished in under a decade — is a miracle!

How can the continual racking up of the body count – through suicides, irreversible mental health problems, devastation through loss of livelihoods or the breakdown of family relationships – be justified, when so many of these could have been prevented or lessened had “the big reveal” come months ago?

The world is coupled, and the “big reveal” can only happen when everywhere is ready, and the enemy is defeated and cannot regroup. Premature exposure risks civil war and/or societal breakdown. Too many people are deeply brainwashed and will defend their slave masters to their own demise, taking many others with them. We may not seek suffering and death, but it can only be transferred at best, not eliminated.

“The jab” is just one kind of death — along those you note. There is also violence, starvation, inability to respond to natural disasters, disease, WMD… the list goes on. Optimising for one of these variable may be pessimal overall, leading to a catastrophic final death toll.

Furthermore, those taking the gene therapy injections, despite copious evidence that this is unwise, have dedicates themselves to a slave mindset. The prideful cannot inherit the earth, and may need to remove themselves from the gene pool for humanity to survive. This sounds like brutal realpolitik, but we have too many psychopaths and narcissists to thrive, it seems.

How do we reconcile the notion of Trump as a good guy, with Jared Kushner being his son-in-law, and Kushner's close ties to the Zionist regime of Israel?

We see a (military) system of power (largely covert) backing Trump, and whether he is good or bad as an individual is not the same as whether that system of power is going to deliver the goods on justice, , and truth. As such, I tend to stay focused on systems (and systems of systems), principles, and frameworks — rather than individuals.

Our contest is a war of infiltration (and counter-infiltration) filled with double/triple agents; figuring out who is good and bad in nearly impossible in the short run. Donald Trump as a human seems very different from his “The Donald” brash persona used to confuse his enemies. His family may have been used to infiltrate enemies; or even been sacrificial pawns in this fight.

As for Israel, it seems to have been a “bait and switch” to establish a safe base for criminal actors. I am sure there are a great number of smart mensches who are deeply unhappy with their good name being tarnished with things like paedosadism blackmail, and will do anything to end it. This is the good of all humanity uniting against pure evil.

How do we explain away Trump's having been financially bailed out by the Rothschilds in the 90s, and therefore becoming beholden to them?

In a war of infiltration good people have to associate with bad people — to gain their confidence, to map their networks, or to draw attention to them. We see this with Trump hanging out with Epstein, but “air drawing” the paedo symbol and pointing to him. The “Orange Man Bad” (false) narrative has failed, although we will only find out for sure what Trump's intentions are as time passes (and if/when he visibly returns to power).

Why has Trump been pushing the vaccine? Why did he not arrest the likes of Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Clinton, etc, while he had the chance during his first term? Why did he not act when there was no certainty that he would get a second term?

Firstly America is (in theory) a constitutional republic with separation of powers, so the President cannot simply arrest people at a whim.

Arresting these individuals and sending them into a corrupt civilian justice system achieves nothing. This process required activating the Laws of War (“military is the only way”) via the stolen 2020 election. We do not know what the current fate is of these individuals; military justice can be delivered out of sight, and announced when society is ready.

This seems to be a 10+ year process of revering the November 1963 coup (and 1871, 1913, and 2001 companions). It has been planned in excruciating detail, and the timing of specific events is optimised for overall strategic goals (defeat of enemy vs ruin risk; quality of society and civilisation after). Your (and my) impatience are irrelevant; this is principally about rescuing existing children, and giving a better world to those after us.

How do we explain away the fact that Trump is a distant cousin of Hillary Clinton?

Because they have common ancestors :) More seriously, there are factions within and between families, and no doubt many notably wicked or courageous individuals. That they may have very distant relations tells us next to nothing.

Trump is, to all intents and purposes, an actor. How can we be sure that he's not simply acting the role of the good guy in the Q narrative? 

An interesting question, as to a certain degree he clearly is acting out a role (like in his TV shows). The whole of politics seems to be filled with actors of all kinds… so it does seem as if he has acted as a “bait” for the with the election fraud; they could not resist the urge to defeat him via cheating. Since that activated the Laws of War, they all became subject to treason charges as specified in the original Constitution. It was a trap.

We may see a very different Donald Trump once he is back on the main public stage, and no longer needs to “act”.

He is a distant cousin of Hillary Clinton. In ALL previous scenarios, bloodline families have stuck together and helped advance the “elite” masterplan. Why should we believe that Trump is different when he's linked to one of these important historical bloodlines?

It does seem that at its core this is a genealogical (i.e. genetic) war, and even “bloodline” families like the Kennedys have a “complicated” history. My sense is that the Luciferian “supermafia” (into rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism) is not popular with the “ordinary mafias” (who have some conscience limits on the abuse of power), and they have banded together to overthrow it. The idea that all other powers get chipped and enslaved probably doesn't go down well with your standard gangster (whether armed with a gun or a bank).

If the evidence of fraud in the 2020 election is so blatant – and it is – how is it possible that the result has not been officially overturned A YEAR AND A QUARTER down the line?! Amidst all the stalling and faffing about, the have now launched a war in Russia!

A lot of people wanted “President Joe Bidan” (a character in this sting op) to win, and those people (even if a minority) are both armed and important to society's function. You can only tell the public once the sting operation is over (and all the election fraudsters taken out), and there is sufficient doubt in their minds to stop them igniting a violent revolt in favour of the crooks who deceived them.

Furthermore, it seems like Trump is playing a long game. He likely signed the Insurrection Act, and used PEADs, Directive 51 (IIRC), the Stafford Act, and EOs to devolve power whilst remaining commander in chief. So he gets 4 years of “official” power (2016-2020), then two “unofficial”, then is restored for 2 years (that don't count to the two term limit), before having a final term from 2024-2028.

Twelve years of Trump. What a plan!

That's not the original Joe Biden or Vladimir Putin, and CGI deep fakery has been used in recent times with the Queen. What's going on here??

“If it moves, it's a fake” is increasingly true of what we see on screens. Whether it is CGI, clones, doubles, robots, rubber masks, or people “turned” into actors — I don't know or care. If your worldview comes from the surface events presented in the daily press, you are guaranteed only a superficial view of life, by definition. Real value comes from wisdom — which by its nature endures and supports life — not the news trivia of whatever captures the attention for a few moments.

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Source: 13 concerns about The Great Awakening

Source: GVP #210 – Martin Geddes – There's Still Life In Q


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