James Delingpole: Mainstream Media is a Lie Machine | Syrian Analysis

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Lie Machine for the War Machine

Biden's Middle East Crisis:
US Forces Hit in & – 29 Jan 2024 | Syriana Analysis

discusses the lies, ongoing psychological operations and mind manipulations for the bankers' war machine.

The is a powerful tool in the hands of the bankers' war machine. The public is bombarded with carefully crafted lies and psychological operations, all aimed at manipulating their minds and justifying never-ending wars.

“The is a lie machine, it is pushing an agenda. It is not interested in the livelihoods or indeed the lives of its readership. It's not interested in informing them, it's interested in frightening them and brainwashing them.”

The media, controlled by a handful of powerful elites, distorts the truth about the reasons for war, portraying it as a noble cause while hiding the ulterior motives of profit and control. Economists, bankers, politicians, and media professionals collude to misrepresent and obscure the reality of the situation, keeping the public in the dark about the true drivers of conflict and the devastating consequences of their actions.

The public's trust in the has eroded. Only 34% of people still believed in the credibility of the media, realising that they are being fed lies and misinformation.

Behind the scenes, the banksters and their tradition of secrecy is deeply intertwined with the activities of the war machine. These banks have received money generated through political crime, war crime, and organised crime, enabling and profiting from the destructive behaviour that fuels never-ending conflicts.

Amidst this web of lies and manipulation, many voices are questioning the narrative and have warned about the dangers of propaganda, lies, and false flags, shedding light on the true nature of the ongoing wars and the interests that drive them.

The 's complicity in perpetuating the bankers' war machine serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking the truth and questioning the information that is fed to us. It is a reminder that behind the polished facade of media lies, there often lies a darker reality, one that we must strive to uncover and understand.

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Source: Biden's Middle East Crisis: US Forces Hit in Jordan & Syria – YouTube


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