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Q Was a Complete Success

Dead Q Woo – Explorers' Guide to SciFi World – 5 July 2021 |

The poet of the revolution was only needed up until the revolution. Is Q dead? gives his important perspective on ‘the poet'.

“We're seeing this cultural revolution explode all over. The cultural revolution is a certainty now, it's unstoppable, there are so many people involved. It's gonna get real ugly as the power elite freak out and try and take it back and do everything they can to derail it, because they know the end result is not good for them.”

“Globalists are gonna be kicked the fuck out!”

“We're gonna take the shit back!”

“The US is about to collapse.”

| July 2021

Who Is ?

is the inventor of a web-bot that searches the internet for words and phases that linguistically form patterns. These patterns then enabled him to understand what the data means and how it would shape the future of the wider world. From this data, Clif has realised and predicted many forthcoming events. Clif discusses how Q started out as a small group being led by a single individual who play a major part in the counter culture rebellion.

Q is the Poet Of The Revolution who's work is now done. The whole exercise has been a complete and comprehensive success, says Clif. Nothing can stop the revolution.

has made a vital contribution to our understanding of a range of things from to the Rona… and long may he continue.


Source: dead Q Woo – Explorers' Guide to SciFi World


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