I Think My Husband’s A Eugenicist Who Wants To Murder Five Billion People | Gossip

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Found on the letters page of The Sun.

Dear Deidre,

I think my husband Bill is a eugenicist who wants to murder five billion people.

I've noticed a sharp change in his personality ever since he had dinner with Tony Blair and someone called Lord Satan a few years ago. Since then he has become remote and absent of any empathy. I heard him talking to a man called Klaus on the phone the other day and he was saying, “only 80%? That's nowhere near enough!”and “Vax those bitches up!”

I think he may be delusional.

He's also started being very secretive and spending hours on the internet while locked in his room. I'm now worried he's been accessing extremist material, because yesterday I found a copy of Mein Kampf and several semen stained tissues under his bed along with a note to his best friends, Bill and Hillary, which he later claimed (when confronted) was written in 's blood.

If all this wasn't bad enough, I then caught him in school girls outfit singing ‘hit me baby one more time' while jacking off on a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Ursula von der Leyen !!

What do I do Deidre? I can't stand this cross-dressing freak anymore. I want a !

Melinda G

Deidre says,

Wait until he's asleep and cut off his balls with a serrated bread knife. If that fails, pour bleach down his throat.

D x

“He's lost it! He's gone completely mad. He's even vaxxed the cat!”

Mel G



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