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Total Centralised Control

Proceeding, February 19, 2022 |

Day 5 – Economic and Financial Destruction

testimony and presentation by , former investment banker and president of the Health Defense Fund, USA.

“They have stolen everything that western civilisations created.”

  • Controlled demolition of the political and economic system.
  • No way out of financial mismanagement.
  • Health crisis as a cover for collapsing the current economic system and resetting it in order to keep control over it.
  • Total centralised control.
  • The bankruptcy of public pension funds.
  • Universal Basic Income () as a means of direct financial control by and dependency on the state.
  • The destruction of the medium and small-sized businesses as paving the way for the .
  • Infiltration of Politics and Media by .
  • Cancellation of cash .
  • Total through technology.

“This is about total centralised control of business, assets and natural resources by unelected unaccountable leaders ultimately.”

There is no innocent explanation of what is going on around the world right now. It's malevolent, it's all planned. Get ready for the chaos.


Source: Grand Jury – Leslie Manookian (English)


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