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C'mon everybody, don't you know the score…
Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1984

With a fake president firmly implanted in the Whitehouse, the are celebrating like it's the Iraq invasion all over again. Imagine a boot stomping on your face forever and all that…

That's the state of western democracy.

Biden's face will just be an image on a screen, aka Big Brother. Now that the marxist Left and the forces of have combined to seize America by deception, they will never let go of power. They'd happily kill everyone first!

Liberty or Satan?

The Deep State

This was a coup d'etat against the people who built America and it was done by creating a fabricated alternative reality of a bad country full of bad people. The globalist's ‘news media complex' projected 's evil intent on to President Trump and his movement and the naive and greedy Neo-Liberals and Neo-Cons went along with it, THROUGH SUBSERVIENCY or A LUST FOR POWER.

These dumb morons and traitors have allowed an all powerful elite to shut down every pro-freedom platform and pro-freedom voice on the internet in the misapprehension that they won't come for them. Trump supporters have nowhere to go. These psychopaths are now waiting to see what the peoples reaction to this obvious is. They'll be told to get vaxxed and masked up or else. Threatened with social exclusion, segregation and ultimately jail. It's our opinion that free thinkers pose the most threat and will face the harshest treatment. It's inevitable. They are coming for us.

Will we accept subjugation or fight?

Drink the Ambrosia

Hopium is good. It helps give an angry populous the will to fight. It's the antidote to 's Adrenochrome.

Target No:1 was Q. This tells you all you need to know. They still fear our voices. “Where We Go One We Go All” is a powerful call to action. It's enough to chill the heart of any soul-less cabal puppet and enrage their demonic controllers. We've always known this is an epic battle of good vs evil, right?!

So our big hope is that Trump will continue to unify the movement and its numbers will continue to grow.

We the people fight on…

“I was dreaming when I wrote this
Forgive me if it goes astray…
But when I woke up this morning
I could have sworn it was judgement day”


Two Minutes Hate

Trump did everything he could to expose the illusion of who's in power and who is controlled by the rule of law. He named the guilty. He explained how they work. He tried to expose their crimes. Yet, they're all still free while the real President goes into exile.

Never has it been more manifest that the president of the United States has absolutely no power to change anything, especially when the entire establishment is bought and paid for by the ruling elite. You've all seen it for yourself, in plain sight. Trump told you the news was fake and mainstream media were enemy of the people. Now you'll see why. They will come for everyone who doesn't go along with their fabrication of democracy. For those already under their spell, expect more of this:

  • To save the planet everyone must have nothing.
  • Elections are unnecessary.
  • The richest people on the planet have your best interests at heart.
  • There are too many of us.
  • We are the virus.

Biden will always be Oceania's Fake President

What is coming next is not hard to imagine.

  • US no longer the world power
  • America ridiculed around the world
  • Financial collapse and soaring inflation
  • Emboldened China and Islamic world
  • UN taking over world governance

End Game

Any mistake or misspoken word you've ever said, with or without proof, will be held against you. Speaking the truth will be the ultimate sin. Society will be caged like animals, too terrified to even think. It's been planned a long time and will be brought forward now that they've successfully faked the US election result. The worst is yet to come…

are delirious with joy

They think they've won. They think all they have to do now is clean up the remnants of a once proud army. The message will be as clear as crystal. There is nowhere to run to… and nowhere to hide.

America is the beacon that has protected the civilised world for 70 years and now America itself is the battleground for control of the whole world. I pray for these great people especially now they've had the half-witted and senile Biden imposed on them, but I'm sure the good ones with courage and belief will come through.

God Bless America. Stay strong.

to be cont…


Fight For Trump


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