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An Evil Experimental Study

Whistle Blower Explains Why He Spoke Out Against The Mass Covid Injection Program – November 2022 |

has been a GP for over a decade. He was a partner in a GP practice when the alleged pandemic was declared by the WHO in early 2020.

It wasn't long after that Dr White found much of what was being reported about and the measures being introduced to “combat” the spread to be spurious. When the Covid injections were launched in record time at the end of 2020, Dr White became concerned that these new, experimental mRNA shots posed a far greater risk to the public than the government and regulators were letting on.

“Quarantine is for the sick, for healthy people is .”

He decided to blow the whistle on the safety of the jabs, informed consent and measures being taken to reduce the spread of the virus, by speaking to the alternative media. This led to a gagging order being imposed by the banning Dr White from speaking to the media about anything Covid related. In addition he found himself suspended and his mental health being questioned.

Thankfully Dr White won an appeal in the High Court where his suspension and gagging order were both lifted, nonetheless he has continued to be harassed and harangued by the authorities through various means. In this film Dr White speaks in some depth about his career and in particular, the two years since the alleged pandemic was declared.

Source: Whistle Blower Dr Sam White Explains Why He Spoke Out Against The Mass Covid Injection Program


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