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Matt le Tissier: They’re encouraging people to take a shot that has a side effect of death | CIIHA

Ex England footballer Matt le Tissier talks about the increasing number of footballers collapsing on the pitch.

Iain Davis: Dismantling The Fake Pandemic | The Delingpod

'Pseudopandemic' is the wakeup call to humanity - Iain Davies and James Delingpole forensically dismantle every aspect of the pandemic scam.


A damning investigation into the World Health Organisation's hidden practices.

Conflicts of interest among the UK government’s covid-19 advisers | The BMJ

The BMJ asked the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which announced the Vaccine Taskforce, to confirm that Bell had reported his “long list” of financial interests.

Carl Heneghan on Twitter: “Conflicts of interest among the UK government’s covid-19 advisers”

https://twitter.com/carlheneghan/status/1337071038975369219 Source:…