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Teacher's Pet

's favourite protege and embedded plant is in trouble. Big trouble. In fact it's Big Trouble in little for the pound shop Mao, as his people turn against him at an exponential rate. The blackface son of a dictator looks absolutely doomed. Gone is the thin veneer of compassion. Gone is the Cuban charm. All that is left is a hollow authoritarian husk who appears to have psychotic episodes every time he doesn't get his own way.

The Truckers broke him

First he hid, then he ranted abusive name calling and threatened to steal everything the truckers and their supporters owned, even if they were Americans and lived in America. Next up was the threat of imprisonment, driving bans and vehicle confiscations, even family pets weren't safe. Eventually, after many of Ottawa's police officers apparently failed to turn up for duty, he turned to outsiders and thugs to wage a brutal campaign of violence and intimidation on the Canadian people.

Trudeau's Taliban was a defining image of the protests

After weeks of the most peaceful demonstration in recent history, one meme above all seemed to define the situation more than any other.

Trampled Underfoot

Video after video of horrendous civil rights abuses against peaceful protestors… old people with walking frames trampled under foot by goons on horseback. Women and even kids beaten and indiscriminately pepper sprayed. Armed paramilitary thugs lining up menacingly and going about their brutish work terrorising Canadian families and the heroic truckers. It was a national and world disgrace, an abomination against civilised society and worse was yet to come…

The Junta

With scenes that wouldn't seem out of place in Latin America in the seventies or the Balkans during the troubled years, Ottawa became a militarised zone. How had Trudeau convinced the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to commit such heinous acts? And more importantly, how can any government justify using laws meant for use during wartime on peaceful protestors, or seize property and bank accounts without a court order? It goes to the core of justice and the rule of law because it's pure and unadulterated criminal totalitarianism.

UN Welcome and UN wanted

Did the tyrant Trudeau actually bring in UN ‘peacekeepers' (a euphemism for armed terrorists) under the orders of and the globalist hierarchy? Or were they there to get Trudeau out safely if it all went pair shaped? It's a legitimate question. It's interesting that merely asking these questions can provoke such a vitriolic response. When you consider the appalling scenes coming out of Ottawa, is it really such a stretch to consider that external forces have been flown in to smash Canadians?

One fake news website claims to have ‘debunked' the ‘moronic conspiracy theory' but as we all know, UN forces are deployed at troubled hotspots all around the world where the globalist agenda isn't going according to plan, so why not in Trudeau's fallen ?

Whatever the situation, it's back to the drawing board for Schwab and co, Trudeau is a busted flush. Not only has himself blown Dutroux's cover with his open comments bragging about infiltrating governments around the world (France, New Zealand, and Argentina) and claiming he already controls over half of Trudeau's cabinet. It now turns out you can't even ask the question in the Canadian parliament without being silenced. No more evidence of a globalist takeover of is necessary.

Sleeping with the enemy.

Never ask awkward questions… even in parliament. You will be silenced.

The Canadian people have all received a pretty big red pill this week. Surely there must now be many more willing protestors than there was before this all began with a few brave and resilient truckers.

Emulating Ceaușescu

Whatever happens next, Trudeau is terminally wounded and his political career is in tatters. Klaus's pet monkey has gone bananas and thrown shit in the faces of Canadians. There's no coming back from this. The proverbial piece of **** is going down like a Prime Minister who's lost his dog whistle. Whatever you think of Trudeau, it's absolutely clear that he represents a direct threat to the Canadian people and to Canadian democracy.


Shining Beacons


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