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They're a Global Cult

on Being a Great Journalist – 22 June 2022 |

“There are signs everywhere that they are losing. They need you to surrender, they need you to give up hope because there's too many of us. We outnumber them!”

Lara Logan is a journalist and war correspondent. Her résumé is impressive, from CBS, to 60 Minutes, to FOX; and her decades of war reporting – including Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya – have been both brilliant and brutal. For example, Lara was attacked by a mob, and beaten, and gang-raped, while covering the 2011 revolution in Egypt, yet continues to stand strong and do great journalism in spite of the obvious dangers.

“Lara's rape story is the most heart wrenching moment I've ever experienced on my podcast. God bless Lara for not giving up, and for being an inspiration.”

Jeremy Nell – aka

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