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Hamburger Hill

So where do we begin with this utter fucking disaster…?

(Fake but Fab)

Apocalypse Now

First of all, on one hand we have a grand master chess player, and on the other, an ensemble of clowns, cowards, jumped up Hitlers and a demented, barely brain alive, disheveled wreck of a president who keeps picking his nose during press conferences. It really doesn't auger well for a world in turmoil and especially one that is just waking up to the fact that the COVID-19 plandemic has all been one massive euthanasia programme.

From Here To Eternity

The last couple of weeks have basically been claim and counterclaim with most of us barely paying any attention to any of it. But that all changed yesterday when the ‘Allied Forces' were caught totally cold with Putin's announcement that he would recognise the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk. What's that all about? I hear you ask. It goes like this…

The Hurt Locker

Whitehouse Situation Room. 10:35 am.


“He recognised the independence of a couple of ex Russian provinces that no ones ever heard of and no one gives a shit about, Mr President.”

“Okay! Prepare the nukes!”

“But no one wants a nuclear war. Not even Putin, Mr President.”

“Code Red!”

“This is insane, Mr President!”

“Stand by with launch codes…”

The Longest Day

While the fakestream news media went into full battle cry, the sane few left among us just went… so? Is supporting a neighbours independence a war crime? Is it even a crime? Then they (the hack media) rattled on about something called the Minsk agreement, and we all went… yeah? And so..? (again) It went on like this all day, until even the mask zombies slouched in front of their sanitised TV sets, realised that none of these idiots knew what the fuck they were talking about or what was actually going on.

  • Were we or weren't we about to get vaporised?
  • Does anyone in charge know what's really going on or what they're doing?
  • Is this all just another distraction that's got out of hand?

Full Metal Jacket

You can never be sure what the truth is anymore, but one thing always remains a constant. The absolute duplicity, culpability and stupidity of our elected leaders. Don't underestimate the utter incompetence of the moron presently occupying the Whitehouse. There's a potential banana skin!

President Biden. Seriously, how did that even happen?

Twilight's Last Gleaming

You also had the almost other worldly and completely incomprehensible situation where Justin Dutroux stood up in front of his own lackey media, condemning Russian state aggression against innocent protestors demonstrating their civil rights… He did it without any sense of self awareness or irony, and without one critical question. It was utterly bizarre! In fact it was the most public demonstration of narcissistic personality disorder on display for all to see, ever!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Initially all that seems to have happened, is that Putin has made clowns of our leaders again. This is getting to be a regular occurrence. The sides don't seem equal or fair. The west has got a bum deal. The story of this conflict will simply be how outsmarted they all were by a man they unanimously called an unhinged lunatic. Hand them a mirror!

A Bridge Too Far

I won't even try to explain the intricacies of the Minsk agreement or Donetsk and Lugansk's claim to sovereignty, because to be fair, I haven't a clue. What I do know is that these regions have been Russian for centuries and has never really been a country apart from 2 decades after the fall of the Soviet Union, that's why we call it ‘' not Ukraine. Also it's really got nothing to do with or the west what these regions choose to do. I imagine it's a bit like New Mexico wanting to rejoin Mexico.

It's a Lonely War

Another thing we know is that Ukraine is of huge strategic importance to the western alliance and 's plans for expansion, and thus it's of crucial importance to and their quest for more and more power over more and more land. To us, the general public, we know it as being the place where a nuclear reactor melted down and they killed all the dogs. In reality, that nuclear wasteland that actually isn't a nuclear wasteland, is abundant in natural resources and bang next door to 's most cherished prize, . The lizard elite have never forgiven the Russians who under Stalin betrayed them and their Khazarian cause, they the funders and founders of Bolshevism and the communist revolution, by removing them from the Soviet Union or having them killed. It was an unforgivable sin.

The Great Escape

There's a possibility, if it comes to it, of Biden pushing the button! We must all face up to that. I've always thought that one day we'll pay the ultimate price for electing morons and I may be right this time, I hope not, but it could go either way. Biden is definitely not playing with a full deck! I'd bet my possibly soon to be vaporised house that Putin won't nuke us all, but Biden might. My main fear is that it is 's last option. A get out of jail card to avoid the obvious justice that's coming their way.

Putin is definitely gonna win this conflict, I mean how can he lose? He faces the weakest, most corrupt low IQ western leadership since time began.

Happy nuclear war, guys.

Good luck, everyone… Anyone..? Is anyone there?


– Every. Single. Time

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