Can We Have Our World Back Please?

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Media Manipulation

Lies, lies and damned lies.

Don't you dare have the wrong opinion! You will end up in the Gulag. TV studios will throw you out. Universities will ban all mention of your name. You are the unmentionable. The unpeople. The silenced. Those who are not there.

Controlling The Narrative

You can only get one perspective of the war in Ukraine in the West and accompanying that one sided story there is no historical perspective and no understanding of what has caused the current situation. There's certainly no actual Ukrainian's point of view – except for that of the carefully chosen media placements who are told to read out pre-written talking points and only make comments supportive of the official narrative – there's no Russian side of the story. You can't even access the Russian Federation website in the free world! Absolute jokes! I mean, would you cross the road if you could only see one way? Of course not and that's why this situation risks spiralling out of hand. It's a non-stop, one dimensional, incessant stream of pure hate propaganda perpetuated by the most disgusting dolts in our part of the world. Ukraine and 's has been intertwined since at least 882, they share a common language (with regional differences) a common culture and a common heritage. It's also impossible to understand this manufactured crisis without understanding the regions troubled past, the aims of the global elite and the lies perpetuated by the mainstream media.

Distorting Reality

Russians are evil killers who murder women and indiscriminately! That would be the point of view of most of the cerebrally unconscious inhabitants of western civilisation (sic) because the media have been pumping that narrative all week. It's the exact opposite of course. It always is. What they accuse you of, they are! It's a ploy that's worked for so long that most of them probably don't even realise they're doing it and are so indoctrinated themselves they actually have no idea of the reality outside their bubble. They go along with their peers, doing as they are told. Just following orders…

Creating False Facts

The ghost of Kyiv. Fake. Snake Island, the 13 dead Ukrainians who told the Russians to “fuck off!' and refused to surrender. Fake. They surrendered and they are alive. Back home with their families in fact. Diminutive Zelensky at the battle front. Fake. The pictures were taken a year ago during a propaganda photo shoot. The Russians supposedly bombing the holocaust memorial, reported by Zelenskyy himself reported and retweeted all around the world. Fake. A deliberate lie to stir up emotions. A jewish man filmed the memorial the very next day, it was completely undamaged. Zelenskyy did the same with the Snake Island servicemen. He even posthumously rewarded them with the Hero of Ukraine medal, that was until they turned up on TV telling him to piss off in Ukrainian.

Every story a lie. Every headline a deception. Every picture faked.

Paraphrasing Mark Twain, it now seems like a lie travels multiple times around the world before the truth even gets its socks on, especially in the internet age, but it was who summed up the situation we now find ourselves in best when he so eloquently said…

“Nearly every war of the last fifty years has been a result of media lies”

…and as we all know has been incarcerated for over ten years now, just for telling the truth and all without a single peep of protest, regret, remorse, guilt or contrition from the mainstream news media. It's the clearest example yet of who these swamp duellers really are. They'll throw you to the wolves if you cross them. Even if you are one of their own.

Two years of lies, propaganda and hate swept under the carpet.

Depopulation Agenda

Russians are being ethnically cleansed from the West. Businesses, individuals, citizens, entrepreneurs, academics… the lot. You've already had one US Senator openly calling for Vladimir Putin's assassination. Doesn't it make you feel proud to live in a free liberal western democracy… author quietly sighs.

The Media's Hate Agenda

Removing Russians from our societies, as is happening, is as disgusting a thing as I've ever witnessed in my life. It is absolutely shameful and almost certainly a sin against humanity. What will they do if they win? Erase from altogether? They've done it before (Tartaria) and they'll do it again. People soon forget.

really hate the Russians, and if you've read my previous article (Ukraine in The Membrane) you'll know my reasoning for this. They've spent the last hundred years trying to destroy the country and its people.

Yacht's And Football Clubs

Man sells his beloved football club because he's the wrong nationality. Russian man's yacht stolen because he knows the wrong person. Where does this end? With internment and death, that's where!

Chicken Kyiv

Chicken Kiev is now known as ‘Chicken stunning and brave Kyiv' according to the fakestream news media and .

Stop the world I want to get off…

Russian Cat Bad

This morning we were welcomed with tragic news that Siberian cats are out. Russian Cat Bad! Screamed the headlines. But I wasn't feline it for some reason…


*Banned around the world for offering an alternative narrative to the propaganda pouring out of the western news media. Says it all really.

*Banned in

*Banned in


*Banned in .

A brilliant and positive move for all the peoples of the east. These evil pernicious organisations excel in spreading and manifesting pure hatred. They should be the first target of any nukes fired. The people of Britain and the world would celebrate harder than the Russians. Literally everyone – apart from those directly employed by these hate manufacturers – despises and loathes the news media and the social media giants. They've become death itself. The damage they've done to people and society as a whole is incalculable.

Mind control

Mind conditioning

Mind manipulation and has been used in the western world for centuries. More recently it was perfected by the Tavistock Institute in conjunction with the and other world intelligence (sic) agencies. The experiments are numerous, the Milgram experiment, Project Monarch, MK Ultra, the Stanford prison experiment, the Asch conformity experiments etc.


The Soviet Union was created by a group of elitist Khazarian Jews and western bankers who desperately wanted control of the ‘resource abundant' region. The Bolshevik revolution was organised and funded by these same Jews and bankers. From Marx and Engels to Trotsky and Lenin, they funded the whole show. Eighty percent of the first communist government was Jewish. Putin said so himself. These Bolsheviks then accounted for at least 60 million deaths (a conservative estimate). They butchered the Slavs, the white Russians, the intellectuals, the christians. the farmers, the peasants etc. They and their creation mass murdered millions upon millions of people. This is not an antisemetic statement or sentiment, it's a stone cold historical fact.

's Pernicious Influence

The is a front organisation for and one world government. A level four organisation in 's power pyramid. Full of greedy, immoral, compromised demons who would sell their own mothers for a slice of power. They are the useful idiots in 's genocidal plan to wipe out much of humanity. Some of the more notable creeps include, , , , , , and Dan Crenshaw. Basically the creme de la creme of utterly useless nihilistic sociopathic liars.

Bio tech labs

The and the American deep state have been building and funding ethnic-specific bio facilities in eastern Europe for the last 15 years without a word of revelation or condemnation from the EU, Britain, Amnesty, or anyone else for that matter. In fact if hadn't invaded Ukraine I doubt anyone would know anything about these evil heinous death producing facilities surrounding even now, but thanks to the US government's hasty decision to delete all of the records from their website, we do know. Thanks for the heads up, guys. The “ethnic specific” bit, I'll leave that to your imagination. It certainly won't be any worse than the reality, that's for sure!

land grab

For it's always about more land, more resources, and more populations to use and abuse. With surrounded by missiles in Poland, Romania, and Estonia, it's no wonder Putin smelt the coffee and acted. He probably realised he and were the selected next victims of the project to create a one world government and moved decisively.

As we've already seen with , the entire West is now under total Rothschild control. Proven conclusively beyond all doubt by Operation Lockstep where every single western government did exactly as instructed them to do… “to begin the systematic destruction of their own societies.”

Backing The Wrong Side

The Ukrainian brigades we in the West are being told are the good guys, are in fact Neo-Nazi militias who've been murdering thousands of Ukrainian citizens for over 8 years now without a word of condemnation from the US, EU, UK, , and the UN, or anybody else…. these same organisations have been funding and protecting these Neo-Nazi killers for the obvious reason they serve the globalists purpose and their agenda. That's how insidiously evil western governments and their corporate counterparts have become. There are also millions of Ukrainian citizens now living in fear with an uncertain future who never went along with any of this. They are yet more innocent victims of the globalists plans for expansion and profit. They had their elected government “couped” and a puppet regime installed. It's a story the corrupt corporate media won't tell. If does end up nuking the West it might be the best thing for the rest of mankind and the future of civilisation as a whole.

Azov Battalion

A Neo nazi militia operating in Ukraine who are directly armed and funded by , the EU and US . The illegitimate Kiev government granted around fifty volunteer battalions the right to equip themselves with offensive weaponry. Only Right Sector and the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists allegedly refused. Battalions acquired heavy guns by way of a handful of oligarchs, who lavished their “pocket armies,” with the best equipment money can buy. Many have sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles and rocker launchers. The Azov Battalion has access to a fleet of tanks. The Dnipro-1 Battalion operates heavily armoured vehicles and drones and use long range Swedish-manufactured sniper rifles to kill innocent civilians. Well, at least they did until the Russians arrived.

Who is Zelensky?

First of all he is owned, and I mean owned, by Ihor Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian oligarch who has funded and supported Zelensky's entire career in return for vast personal financial gain. Ihor Kolomoisky also funds and arms the Azov Battalion. He's a duel Israeli passport holder with very close links to Mossad. His control over Zelensky, who is also a tool of the globalists, is total. He launders the vast amounts of Cabal money that is filtered through Ukraine by criminals in the , , , , and . So basically, Zelensky's a seedy character in a dystopian movie about world domination. A role that has made him richer than any Hollywood actor. My guess is that if he hasn't already fled Ukraine, he soon will. No doubt the Russians are keeping a keen eye out for any middle-aged coke-heads carrying suitcases full of loot.

Zero Hour

So there you have it. All isn't as it seems as always. Many of you will already know all this of course, but it's not so easy to read about and it definitely isn't on the mainstream news. The thing that those cheering the governments narrative don't really understand is that it's a war for survival and the speed with which the world is rolling into global tyranny is exponential and seemingly unnoticeable to them. This is what we are up against, blind ignorance and wilful stupidity.

“Mabus then quickly at this time will commit (mass) murder, there will come

Upon men & beasts, one horrible fate;

Then one shall see a coup of vengeance upon all,

There is a great taking (of lives), thirst, anger, when the comet shall pass.”

Nostradamus Quatrain #2-62

The Final Conflict

So how do you look at this period in time with anything other than a sense of inevitability? This isn't definitely going to end in , but could well do if someone or something doesn't stop these well hidden lizards puppets, and the ‘pure evil' news media. There is absolutely no doubt about it. It's like we're in the grip of madness. A seemingly out of control hysteria that's rolling from crisis to crisis. Now watch as the West plows billions upon billions into the conflict only to lose when they run out of Ukrainian lives to waste. The last two years have been like something from prophecy. A biblical epic. Maybe the third anti-christ is here? Maybe he hides among us? Disguised. Ready to announce his arrival. Waiting for the right moment…

Or alternatively, humanity will wise up and rise up and maybe, just maybe, we will come through this crazed unreality stronger, more enlightened, and free? I think we can and I hope we will. Another jar of hopium please barman.


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