Iain Davis: The Pseudo-Pandemic is the Start of the Final Push for Global Governance | Geopolitics & Empire

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The End of Human Freedom

: Pseudo-Pandemic Start of Final Push for Global Governance – 22 August 2022 |  & Empire

discusses the transition process toward global technocratic control which has been planned for many years.

The ultimate objective is to introduce a new monetary and financial system. Covid and Ukraine are part of that transition process. According to WEF multipolarity is the foundation for their global compact. The UN now operates as a fusion of the political and corporate state otherwise known as . Genuine geopolitical tensions do exist between elites and countries. CBDCs are the endgame and a significant global economic collapse will be needed to bring them in. The COVID19 pseudo-pandemic is the start of the final push for global governance.

is the start of the final push for Global Governance.”

“We are in the position that we are in at the moment in the west because of the west's failed model of the nation state. The nation state itself is the centralisation of power and authority over people, enabling people that nominally lead those nation states, to form ever tighter circles and further centralised power and authority, embodied by something like the .”

Iain Davies


is an independent investigative journalist, blogger and author from Portsmouth in the UK. His focus is upon widening readers awareness of evidence that is not commonly reported by the so-called . Through his writing he hopes to encourage the questioning of authority and to stimulate public debate. A frequent contributor to the UK Column, Iain's work has been featured by the Corbett Report, the OffGuardian, Lew-Rockwell, Zero Hedge and other independent news outlets.

Website: https://iaindavis.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_InThisTogether

Telegram: https://t.me/iaindavis

& Empire: https://geopoliticsandempire.com/

Source: Geopolitics & Empire: Iain Davis: The Pseudo-Pandemic is Start of Final Push for Global Governance on Apple Podcasts


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