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07 September 2022 |

10 September 2022 |

The Transformation of Planet Earth

on Perspective with – 07 Sept 2022 |

(Environmental, Social and Governance) is an asset rating mechanism and a global market place making nature a commodity.

and discuss the globalists latest financial scam and their intensifying quest for the control of absolutely everything by the end of the 21st century. One of the most evil plans ever contrived…

“We are talking about a transition of the entire global economy and I would suggest the international monetary and financial system as well. The remarkable thing about this is that it is the fulfilment of a plan that can be traced back to pre 1992, announced at the 1992 so we're talking about something that is thirty years old.”

: the plan for and the transformation of the planet by the end of the 21st century.”

A centralised, single system of global accountancy. Everything in nature has an asset rating value and the licence for that asset can be sold. is the mechanisms which are intended to achieve that.

  • Tree = ‘Carbon Sequestration Service'
  • Water = ‘Human Settlement Service'

The transformation of not just the economy but itself. Transformation into what? That is the question.

Forced Transition

“They know this is going to cause turmoil.”

“This transition is obviously going to cause enormous global turmoil, not only in markets but in economies across the world. This kind of transition, and it's a forced transition, cannot do anything else other than that. There are gonna be winners and losers and there's gonna be a hell of a lot of losers.”

One of the key things to remember is that the globalists were talking about this transition before the pseudo pandemic. In order to sell us this idea, our behaviour needs to be modified and there needs to be a reason: The current system need to collapse, the reaction will be fierce and they provide the solution. Standard operating procedure.

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Age old, tried and tested but does want or even need their ‘final solution'?

is a virus”, is their cure.

is creator and founder of . A former substance misuse counsellor and worked for many years in the health and social care sector. Following redundancy, Iain focused on his passion for research and journalism, obtaining a vocational (CPD) qualification as a journalist. He has a passion for politics, geo-politics, is a documentary filmmaker and contributor to 21st Century Wire, , and Zerohedge.

Source: Iain Davis on Perspective with Jesse Zurawell | TNT Radio


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