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Video Exposing Everything regarding a Second Wave and Great reset.

Video Exposing Everything regarding second wave and . Timed Stamped Video to go easily to your favorite section. Exposes details of second wave, , Casedemic and faulty fake tests, Isolation camps, 5G weaponary, Inducing Food shortage & Crisis, Universal basic income, Economic Agenda behind Banks & Corona Virus and finally details of Great reset & Global take over.

Time Stamps:

0:35 Why There Must be a Second Wave.

6:13 Throughout the rest of the video: Timeline for the second wave, Based on presumed leaked document, which regardless true or false, is likely to happen. However it is matching current events and will be interesting to follow live nowadays.

00:08:00-00:08:55 Rolling all over the world

00:08:55-00:37:22 Exposing Case-demic & Faulty Tests.

00:37:22-00:58:50 Exposing Concentration Camps

00:56:21-1:44:50 Exposing 5G usage as a weapon

1:44:50- 2:07:00 Exposing Attack on Food supply chain & Inducing Food Crisis

2:07:00- 2:49:27 Exposing the Economic Agenda & Universal basic Income

2:49:27-3:47:00 Exposing /Agenda 21/30

2:49:00-3:47:00 Exposing /Agenda 21/30

1- Dollar Vigilante :
3- Gregory Mannarino:
5- Sarah Westall:
7- Corbett Report:
8- Derrick Broze:
9- Dana Ashlie :
10- Lena Pu :
11- Jesse Gilmer:
12- Mike Maloney:
13- Dot Connector Reports:
15-Really Graceful:

Source: Second Wave Documentary !


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