Satanic Panic – Is The New World Order Collapsing?

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Goodbye Cruel World, It's Over…

With the puppets of the in a state of complete and utter confusion, The_Void takes a look at the current state of play…

So let's start off with some good

  • The Green New Deal is dead.
  • The Paris Accord is dead.
  • Climate Change is dead.
  • is well and truly dead.
  • We may be next…

With energy supplies getting scarcer and gas prices soaring around the world because of idiocy, incompetence and the conflict in Ukraine, the world is about to enter another new reality. Food and energy shortages and bank closures. Not only is humanities own apathy to blame for all of this, it's all part of a planned collapse. The Dollar is almost done. America doesn't make things anymore. The slime have divided the whole country while lunatics run amok in government, but it could be worse… they could be Canada!

Ukraine Is Insane

Here's a scenario: Back in the day, before covid existed, when theorists weren't listened to, the normies would be watching their TV's and the BBC would run the headlines with,

“Assad Gas Attack !!”

and the so called ‘ theorists' would instantly say… “er,,, well that doesn't make any sense, he's winning?! And why would he do that anyway? False flag! Obviously.” While those watching their TV's would go “Oh he's an evil man. He must be stopped. Let's surgically bomb the population into the stone age!” …and that's how it's always worked.

Until now.

No one but the odd cretin and the dolts that congregate on Twitler believes anything they see on the discredited media anymore, or anything that dribbles out of the mouths of slimy sociopathic western politicians. There's a new game in play.

“fuck this shite”

We must unite across countries, across continents and across nationalities, all in a single cause, destroying and their heinous . We the people won't give up until we get our countries, our lives and our freedom back. Justice must be done.

They Only Found The Bio-Labs!!

Not one, but 30 bio-labs in Ukraine alone! First they denied their existence. Then they said it was Russian propaganda. Then they admitted it. Then they accused anyone who talked about it of being a Russian disinformation agent. Then they denied it again. Now the rest of the planet are calling for the US bio-labs to be investigated it's a story that will last a lot longer than the conflict in .

What we do know, is that these race specific bio research facilities are scattered around the poorest and most remote parts of the world (Sub Saharan Africa and former communist countries) and that all countries operating and funding these horrendous death factories are governed by war criminals and despots. i.e The UK, Canada, the EU and the US.

All the usual suspects.

Houston We Have A Problem

So here's the thing… who decided to build 30 bio-labs with the capacity to develop race specific viruses and pathogens in an unstable country with the largest Nazi movement in the world… and what could possibly go wrong?

Answer. Greedy corrupt politicians, sinister intelligence agencies, corporate slime and billionaire oligarchs all doing the bidding of .

As always, it will be ordinary people who pay the ultimate price for their corrupt governments and inadequate leaders. Whether it be Iraq under Saddam, Rome under Nero or America under Biden. Stupidity and greed destroys nations, continents and empires.

Hollywood Falls

Remember in the early days of when Madonna was cryptically wailing for fish? Or when some of the most corrupted monsters from hell visibly started to look like corrupted monsters from hell?

Satan's rectum has born many a star as it envelopes and rewards self loving nihilists with the adoration and attention they crave, but even this depraved satanic industry is in serious decline. The stars have lost their shine – have you seen the state of some of them recently – the tinsel has turned to ashes and the product is trash. is obviously in short supply and diversity hires can't produce original material.

So it looks like it's time to say goodbye to that degenerate, narcissistic, dirty old town.


Deep underground military bases are not only being built by the military, they are the latest craze for all billionaires, megastars and would be megalomaniacs. Hear me out here, if they are building them, why? If the slime are disappearing from view, where are they? What if they've already fled to these bunkers, would we know? What if they're being arrested and tried by a secret military of white hats? What if that is yet to come out? Lots of questions and possible scenarios… only time will answer. A strong consideration has to be that none of the recent madness makes any sense, unless viewed in the context of… it's all over and they know it!

“Gold (Gold)
Always believe in your soul
You've got the power to know
You're indestructible”

Gold Standard

, , and Brazil moving to the gold standard would finish off so many financial institutions and could leave central banks in free-fall trying to contain the fallout. Pensions and savings will be wiped out and high street banks and the bond market will collapse almost overnight. These countries would also create the single biggest trading block on the planet with over half of the world's population contained within their borders. Now add to that the mass transfer of wealth from the West to the East and you have a new geographical third world. Us!

Biden intends to finish off the petrodollar in his quest to finish off America, quite simply because these sub-human slime are profiting off of the destruction of the western world. You can see the day coming when what's left of Europe and the US goes begging to the new superpowers for aid.

The Old Guard

As fear and panic grips the puppets of , are the globalists dreams crumbling?

From down to The WEF, these secretive, manipulative evil entities should all be eradicated in the same way the Third Reich was a few decades ago. Who isn't looking forward to Nuremberg 2? WHO, The United Nation, and etc should be dumped in the dustbin of ‘failed experiments by foolish leaders' 1945 – 2022.

Every power structure formed over the last hundred years is in terminal decline. Declining influence, authority, stature and trust. So, what about the White Knights? We know they have to be out there, otherwise why would any of this chaos be happening? It's manifestly obvious that if the slime were still in total control everything would seem in order and it definitely doesn't.

A Night At The TheatreBob Moran strikes again.

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theatre.”

Frank Zappa

Behind The Scenes

Here's some independent footage and commentary from a westerners journey into Kiev. It illustrates 's brilliant cartoon perfectly.

Big Penitentiary

When the madness is over, as it surely will be soon, a super-massive prison must be built in the remotest part of Antarctica to house all the execs, Big Pharma shills, civil servants, government employees and the oligarchs who slimed the planet doing the deeds of the wicked.

This should be one of the first acts of the new world.

The Fakestream

The Fourth Estate. The Pretorian Guard of Gatekeepers and Liars. We call them the Fake . They are done. Every story is debunked in seconds. They're proven to be corrupt propagandists, daily. The scribes of Satan. They'll still be spewing bile and hatred as they are sucked into the vortex, you can be sure of it. Covid has done for them what they did to their own audience. It has euthanised them. The truth is, these media miscreants have slowly boiled many thousands of poor helpless frogs with lies and fear.

If the fakestream isn't fully functioning, the narrative is damaged beyond repair. Without control over social media content, they lose the noisy. I'm pretty sure the slime didn't have the Russians finding their bio-labs on the agenda and once again, thanks to their own incompetence, the is out. What we'll discover in the bio-labs cess-pit remains to be seen. I'm sure it will be nothing good.

Blair was unavailable so they wheeled out instead. This sums up the very fake perfectly.

They're never who they say they are…

Angel or demon?

Puppet Governments

The failed and useless offspring of the super rich and nobility. An asylum of rejects and snides. All authority lost. They hang on as an illusion waiting to be exploded with the next crisis. Many of these useless idiots are not even Cabal or borderline Cabal, they're just easily manipulated muppets who can be made to do whatever the people who control them want them to do. Think of the slime that collects on the hull of a rusty old canal boat. That's them. Wet slimy spores of gunge.

Nepotism. Anyone?

Cleaning House

We know who these people are.

They crawled out of the woodwork, defending the indefensible. Proclaiming that the deadly Vax – which has now possibly killed more people than the so-called virus – was a good thing and the only way out of lockdowns.

“Safe And Effective”

“Don't Kill Granny!”

“6uild 6ack 6etter.”

Slime media

The same filth cheered wildly as the tyrant Trudeau jailed dozens of peaceful protestors and froze their bank accounts. They were the loudest voices vilifying and marginalising the ‘unvaxed' as evil people who harmed others. They were complicit in euthanising the old and vulnerable with end of life packs dished out by paramedics to anyone over eighty with a fucking cold! They killed thousands more with the ventilators they mass produced. They even had Dyson building ‘the eight cylinder turbo vent' for Christ sake! These people are absolute monsters and every day from now until the end of the world it will become manifestly more and more obvious to everyone.

The Wild Card

Vladimir Putin has been talking about the ‘one world government' and their heinous plans for humanity for a long time, it's just that not many in the West took any notice… well, they are now! He's inadvertently challenging 's grip on power as they push him further and further away from his original intentions, which also threatens to bring chaos and confusion to their own control mechanisms. First he played along, now he's not. Putin is a wildcard thrown into the mix by a power crazed elite spiralling out of control. It's beginning to look like their calamitous puppets don't have the intellectual capability to pull off The Great Reset, especially now that and will almost certainly never again want to join their dissent crushing club. This might be the surest sign yet of their demise.

Watch this space.

Slaying Demons

Anyone for Demon hunting?

First things first, you'll need a good supply of silver bullets. A precision made katana blade folded a thousand times and made of 10% silver, 3% nickel, and 87% cold steel. You will also need a good supply of sharpened wooden stakes, 5 gallons of holy water, a tank of petrol, (if you can afford it) and *fire extinguishers. Demons burn for eternity, so you'll need to quell the heat after your work is done. Also, remember these entities can shape shift into Neo-Liberals and Conservatives at will, so don't be fooled by slime in suits offering free stuff. As we always say, if in doubt slay them anyway!

Anyone who knows how to permanently slay demons needs to register with The_Void and we'll forward your name to the appropriate Demon Slaying authorities.

The Beginning…

Will it be the dawn of a new age or absolute subjugation and suffering…

We are not followers, we are leaders and thinkers and we are being called upon to rise up and reclaim our birthright. It is now or never.

Ordo Ab Chao


Sources and links

Source: While you were focused on Russia's invasion, the UK Government published a new report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 92% of Covid-19 Deaths in England

Can We Have Our World Back Please


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