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Crowns and Sovereigns

: Episode 1 – “Crowns and Sovereigns” |

Divesting from absolute monarchy, people reinvest their trust in a new power.

Research and documentary duo Aaron and Melissa Dykes turn their focus to an intricate and long-winding path that connects the foundations of modern society with the rise of – as the insipid but immensely influential policies of issuance weave together the shadowy sinews of history's most pivotal events.

From colonial expansion, to the creation of the , up to our volatile age of cryptocurrency and digital authorization, the contentious battleground of finance has pitted presidents and congressional representatives alike against the unmovable power of lenders and moneymakers, who've worked to tip the scales towards centralized authority at the expense of individual sovereignty.

Attempting a greater context, ‘' is a 10-part, over 10-hour series aiming to sharpen global events spinning blurry in the rapid stages of development. Major changes have occurred; major changes are underway. Yet some things remain surprisingly the same – this is a system dependent upon confidence, belief, and ultimately… trust.

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Source: The Trust Game [Limited Series]

Source: The Trust Game: Episode 1 – “Crowns and Sovereigns”

Source: The Trust Game: Episode 1 – “Crowns and Sovereigns”


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