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Prelude to the Collapse of Civilisation.

We thought things were looking bad down under and blimey were we correct!

It's like our Australian cousins are being used as some terrifying global demonstration of power. Clearly done to show every dissenter exactly what to expect. With sadness, you will see graphically illustrated what happens when your elected leaders, drunk on power, do proper horror.


An elderly couple on there way somewhere were pounced on by fascist enforcers for no reason and handcuffed. This led to the man having a seizure and heart attack. This is evil in our time, pure and simple, and it's coming to a place near you very soon.


It's a nightmare… it can't be true.

What is happening to our friends and families in could happen to us.

ABC News Australia

Looking for Biohazards

A driver was spotted not wearing a mask in his car by more fascist enforcers. What happened next with horrify you.

What the hell is happening in ?

Dystopian Future

With all the technology they used to fight so-called-terrorism, they hunt down their own people. Every resource of the state can and will be used against you. At present our only weapon is numbers.

Even the Chinese Communists are taking the piss!

is a post-democratic country!”

Paul Joseph Watson

“Draconian among nations…”

The Point of no return?

So it'll cost you everything you have to go out and talk to your friends, to protest… or even speak to your grandchildren !! These Covid-lunatics are absolutely revelling in their power. It's an abomination. It has the smell of the Abattoir. It all reminds me of the of the first five words in H G Wells ‘War of the Worlds'. “No one would have believed” but I guess George summed it up best with the immortal sentence…

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

George Orwell – 1984

Positive Vibes

Neil Oliver threw out a curve ball at the weekend which sent the crazies into an absolute frenzy. They've been so disorientated by what they heard, that they've temporarily suspended their marxist revolution to concentrate on getting the hirsute one cancelled.

 “This civilisation that we have is the most fragile flower that has ever been given life. If we don't look after it it's gone like that.”

Neil Oliver | Archeoligist and TV Presenter

Update: 04/08/21 – At least there was one politician in with the courage to resist the oppression.


It's never been more ostensible.

With absolute alacrity we can state…

We face the fight of our lives. This is our time to stand. We need every voice.

This is an existential crisis. An epoch defining event.

Here is now.


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Source: Australians Who Post Anti-Lockdown Content Online Could Face $11,000 Fines

Source: COVID Live Updates: Queensland Puts 11 LGAs Into Lockdown From 4:00pm As Authorities Look To Get On Top Of Delta Outbreak – ABC News


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