Novak Djokovic: A Prisoner of Conscience | Opinion

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The World's No 1 Tennis Player Abducted By Australian Marxist Militia !!

Backhand Slice

It's Jan 6th 2022, an auspicious day in the history of freedom fighters everywhere. At present the English speaking media and US politicians are calling a protest at the Capitol building in Washington an “armed insurrection”. So to make sure most patriots and freedom fighters worldwide are distracted, and their favourite puppet government have launched ‘Operation Arrest and Torture Novak' to divide our time, energy, and resources and it's worked, but not as they thought it would.

Arriving in communist

Second Serve

Detained and interrogated by the Aussie SS for eight hours solid over a medical exemption for their “one” major sporting event of the year. It's so obvious this whole charade was a set up from the start. A display of absolute power to show the little people that they have no hope and that it's our way or the concentration camp.

Shit-hole for a superstar…

Baseline Rally

Things got even more interesting when Novak's father spoke out about his son's abduction to the media from his home in . He basically accused the Australian government of setting his son up and then torturing him…

Djokovic Snr speaking from

The Perfect Volley

“He's not in detention, he's in prison!”

“They wanted to humiliate him.”

“Our pride is a prisoner of these idiots.”

In an impassioned speech defending his son, he went on to say…

“shame on them, the whole free world together with should rise against them.”

“This isn't a battle for Novak, it's a battle for seven billion people around the world.”

“It's a battle for freedom!”

Forehand Winner

Well said Mr Djokovic. and their Aussie puppets certainly weren't expecting that! You spoke for millions of people around world, and you said it straight. We are in the war of our lives and now really is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the people.

Novax Djokovic


Novak is a master on the court. Now he will have to be an advocate for justice in court when he sues the arse off this tyrannical Australian government.

Play Suspended

Today at the Chinese, sorry, Australian open championships, stewards were confiscating any messages of support for Novak from the crowd. These are the sort off scenes you would expect to see in North Korea, not in a so-called civilised society that's part of the western world.

Resistance will not be tolerated

Rule Violation

Novak was also betrayed by his fellow professional and supposed mate, Rafael Nadal – what a cowardly simping slime-ball he turned out to be. His only defence can be that it was all lies fabricated by the supreme leaders of Fake , the . We'll see… but… No. Breaking. Apparently the nugget tweeted it…

The company they keep

Racket Abuse

Goat Boy speaks to the media…

Doubles Team

Thankfully, not all of Novak's tennis rivals are gutless gimps. Tennys Sandgren is one tennis player who has a sense of right and wrong, but where are the rest? Australian tennis star and crowd favourite, Nick Kyrgios also defending the world's No 1, but other than that there's been a deafening silence from the tennis and sports world.

Overhead smash…

Trick Shot

One must never forgot though that are compiled of the most devious people on this planet. There ways are numerate and their cunning is unimaginable. So always bear in mind that this could all be another psy-op to destroy our moral when he goes and gets vaxxed… and always remember these sinister words from the worlds most famous 33 degree mason.

“Whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him.”

Albert Pike

My instincts say not… but you have to consider all things when dealing with the globalist slime.

No Return

If I was , I'd never step foot in again. Certainly not before it's been completely liberated from the tyrannical communist dictatorship that's taken over most of the country.

Never again, eh mate..?

Serving an Ace

Game, Set and Match

For being a man who had the courage to stand up for freedom, liberty and natural justice, we salute you . The world needs all the heroes it can get right now and this eventual victory, as it surely will be, will stand tall among your many. It may well be your greatest… it will certainly lead to immortality in the cause of freedom. Stand firm.

to be cont…


Update: 09-01-2022

Strawberries and Cream

Update: 10-01-2022

Has the Australian government fled the country yet?

A winner on the courts and in the courts?

Update: 16-01-2022

booted out of communist and unable to compete.

This has become the perfect illustration to the world of what happens when your politicians are bought and paid for puppets of external forces and no longer represent the country, the people, the rule of law or human decency. If Australians allow this, it's over.

The end.


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