Genetically Modifying Humanity? | Richard D. Hall

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What have the maniacs done?

Genetically Modifying Humanity – 10 Oct 2022 | Richard D. Hall

Richard D. Hall discusses a scientific paper which presents the truly shocking and earth shattering claim that CRISPR gene drive DNA has been found within the Pfizer/Biontech Covid-19 vaccine.

If this is true, the ramifications are potentially unthinkable. It means that someone has wielded the power to genetically alter not just some, but ALL human beings, because once a CRISPR gene drive is released into a population, the genetic modification that it carries will eventually permeate into the entire population. The claims in this scientific paper have not been confirmed and Richplanet is seeking to have independent tests carried out on the Comirnaty vaccine to either prove or rule out the claim.

In part 2 Richard takes another look at self sufficiency and reducing dependence on the “system”.

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Source: Genetically Modifying Humanity? | Richard D Hall


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