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Queer World Making

Is the Doctrine of a Sex-Based – 20 May 2024 |

explains how is the doctrine of a sex-based that primarily targets and has little to do with gay identity.

Based on remarks delivered at the University of Pittsburgh in February 2024, in this episode of the , he makes even more clear why defines a and how it works as such, particularly to initiate our kids.

is the doctrine of a religious .”

The basis of Queer Theory

is a psychological phenomenon where a deep attachment forms between an abused person and their abuser due to a cycle of abuse followed by positive reinforcement. This bond can occur in various relationships, including romantic relationships, friendships, parent-child relationships, cults, hostage situations, and military environments. The establishment of a trauma bond is influenced by a power imbalance and intermittent reward and punishment, leading to conflicting emotions and a lack of individual sense of self for the victim.

can have severe consequences, such as low self-esteem, negative self-image, depression, and perpetuating a cycle of abuse. Victims may find it challenging to leave abusive relationships due to factors like fear, financial constraints, and psychological effects of abuse. The cycle of abuse in involves periods of intense pain followed by reconciliation and calm, creating a false sense of safety and attachment to the abuser.

is described as the basis of in the context of a -like grooming technique that involves thought reform and ideological transformation. is a practice that manipulates individuals by inducing emotional vulnerability, leading to resolution and emotional commitment through techniques. The process involves creating emotional and social bonds through a cycle of abuse, reconciliation, and emotional manipulation, ultimately fostering a deep attachment to the ideology of .

employs to influence individuals by making them feel special, belonging, and having a unique purpose, thus reinforcing their commitment to the ideology. By using techniques, individuals are led to believe that exploring their identity through is a brave and worthy endeavour, further solidifying their emotional connection to the ideology. is utilised within the context of to establish a strong emotional attachment and commitment to the beliefs and principles it promotes.

Draped in a Colourful Flag

Grooming and Manipulating Children

has been likened to by many critics, who argue that it functions as a form of sociocultural “property” that seeks to challenge and dismantle societal norms related to and sexuality. Critics, such as , have expressed concerns that , like , aims to deconstruct existing structures of “normalcy” and “normativity” and is a dangerous and destructive ideology, particularly when it comes to influencing and young individuals. The comparison between and highlights the ideological and social implications associated with both theories, especially in terms of their perceived impact on societal values and structures.

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Source: Queer Theory is the Doctrine of a Sex-Based Cult

Source: Queer Theory Is the Doctrine of a Sex-Based Cult – New Discourses


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