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Heaven and Hell

Shocking! Inside REAL Secret Temple – 27 Sept 2022 |

There's a unique system of caves in , UK which, although thought to be ancient in origin, were excavated in the mid-18th century by the infamous Sir Francis Dashwood, the founder of the notorious whose membership included some of Britatin's most senior aristocrats and statesmen. 

The Inner Temple is said to be positioned immediately underneath the church at the top of the hill. There's a small river that runs through the bottom of the caves and in the 1750s, you did need a small boat to cross the river to gain access to the Inner Temple.

“It doesn't feel like a good place at all.”

: In the making of this video, we have endeavoured to find the best sources of information that are available. Like with anything dealing with specific secretive events from the 1700s this wasn't the easiest of tasks. Also, since the club records were burned by the steward 3 days prior to his death, this has somewhat frustrated historians. However, we have pieced together the most reliable sources we could find (including information provided by those employed at the estate) and provided our own summary / take on the patterns of events and what the points toward. We have tried to filter out anything that takes any liberties with the reliable information that is available. However, there is an interview at the end of the video where a visitor describes their own views and opinions on the specific of the Inner Temple. What is clearly indisputable is the blasphemous, nature of the , their licentious behaviour and their reverence of pagan gods / goddesses.

Filmed on location at Hell Fire Caves in

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Source: Shocking! Inside REAL Hell Fire Club Secret Temple (R$E) – YouTube


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