The Most Appalling Thing to Come Out of The UK’s Covid Madness Yet | Contains Distressing Scenes

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Scottish police go ‘Full Metal Jacket’ on family over suspected ‘support bubble breach.’

Stormtrooper Cops break into family home and beat up mother in front of her children after being suspected of having a friend round for tea | The_Void

In scenes reminiscent of a seventies cold war movie, steroid throbbing goons barged their way through the door of a family home before threatening and dragging a helpless woman to the ground and beating her up in front of her traumatised children.


“We have reviewed a lot of poor and unlawful policing during the pandemic. This may be the most heinous and senseless example yet.”

Big Brother Watch


It’s hard to talk about this horror, so..

Here are the videos posted by Big Brother Watch.
We advise you to have calming measures in place before watching.

First Video

Second Video



Source: Big Brother Watch on Twitter

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