Danny Rampling: “There will come a time when Facebook will go the same way as Myspace” | Sunday Wire

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Listen to “Episode #382 – ‘Consciousness Rising’ with guest Danny Rampling” on Spreaker.

Superstar DJ… Here we go…

Episode #382 – ‘Consciousness Rising’ with Danny Rampling | Sunday Wire

Patrick Henningsen is joined by renowned DJ and music producer Danny Rampling, to discuss the impact of 16 months of pandemic restrictions on society, music, entertainment and culture. They also talk about the growing freedom movement in the UK and internationally, and the increasingly disturbing trend of social media censorship and its overall effect on the situation.

“Social media was great at the beginning, there was reasonable debate but the algorithms took over and they are designed to create toxic division. There will come a time when Facebook will very likely go down the same road as Myspace.”

Danny Rampling

In the second hour, Patrick is joined by the Sunday Wire’s roving correspondent for culture & sport, Basil Valentine, for an off-beat look at the political Punch ‘n’ Judy show and whether the upcoming government-scheduled ‘Freedom Day’ on July 19th is really what it appears to be, and the alleged emergence of a new “Wembley Variant” (yes, you read that right) following the Euro 2020 championships.

Source: Episode #382 – ‘Consciousness Rising’ with guest Danny Rampling – 21st Century Wire

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