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Listen to “Episode #385 – ‘Endgame Approaching' with guest Rick Munn” on Spreaker.

The greatest enemy the state has is the truth.

Episode #385 – ‘Endgame Approaching' with guest |

talks with UK-based commentator Rick Munn to discuss the unprecedented roll-out of the ‘global pandemic' and ‘' agenda rapidly unfolding before everyone's eyes. How have individuals and society as a whole arrived at this rather dark impasse for basic rights and freedoms – where a totalitarian endgame seems to be cascading globally now and with so few apparently willing to stop it?

“It's an evil, evil agenda but they're following it and they're following it hard.”

In the second hour, 's roving correspondent for culture and sport, Basil Valentine, and ACR's , host of the Boiler Room, join Patrick for an incisive look at what's happening at home and on the Continent, as more uprisings take place in France and Italy against the Orwellian Vaccine Passport social engineering scheme.

“These are the biggest criminal drug cartels in the world. They have billions of dollars of settlements against them for their dodgy products, and we are told to ignore all that since 2020 and get down on our knees and worship this corporate cathedral.”

Source: Episode #385 – ‘Endgame Approaching' with guest Rick Munn and more – 21st Century Wire


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