‘Dark Winter Redux?’ with guests Rick Munn and Ryan Cristián | Sunday Wire

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The Vaccine Is The God of This Cult

Episode #394 – ‘Dark Winter Redux?' with guests and |

They are literally getting away with murder.

welcome back Rick Munn to discuss the coming ‘dark winter' being planned in the caverns of government, and the psychological attack being waged on the people as the elites become increasingly desperate to push more of their experimental pharmaceutical products on the population, and further advance the draconian and ‘Great Reset' agenda.

“What's going through the heads of the parents is what their heads are being pumped full of by the mainline , and bought and paid for pharmaceutical shills on television, and so called celebrities who are also being paid to push an agenda.” 

Rick Munn

In the second hour, Patrick is joined by the editor of The Last American Vagabond, to discuss the current federal rampage with Vaccine Mandates and the predictable push-back from a growing opposition, as well as the rampant censorship in the face of such open .

In the final segment, Patrick is joined by the 's Roving Correspondent for Culture and Sport, Basil Valentine for some heady commentary on all the events de jour.

Source: Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion | G Edward Griffin

Source: Episode #394 – ‘Dark Winter Redux?' with guests Rick Munn and Ryan Cristián – 21st Century Wire


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