“The Tyranny in the Information Space is the Biggest Challenge We Face” | Sunday Wire

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: Episode #352 ‘Revenge of the Nerds'
Forensic analysis of the US Election and ongoing Coronarama.

Now more than ever, both the political and media establishments are pushing the COVID-19 as the ‘path to freedom' – freedom from government-imposed lockdowns, school shutdowns, restricted travel and so on. But are they correct?

We're told this is a consensus, but is it? Never before in history has there been so much talk of mandatory vaccinations, and all for a seasonal respiratory virus with at least a 99.7% survival rate of those who have actually fallen ill from it.

Should we continue to put our faith and lives in the hands of men on TV in white doctors coats, or multi billionaire computer nerds with an unusual global savior complex?

In what is another informative show, host Patrick Henningson saidt:

“We're calling on the media to grow a spine and to activate you're brain and have heart. If there's one time in your life to do that it's now.”

“We're at a crisis point right now, no doubt about it.” 

Patrick is later joined by the 's Roving Correspondent for media and sport, , when they discuss the UK online harms bill and the coverup of pedophilia. During the conversation, Basil asks,

“Do we have the right to offend anymore?”

The two go on to discuss an extraordinary report stating that there are no fewer than 200 in development around the world. On this revelation Basil says,

“Somebody must be paying for all this research and somebody must be hoping to make a fortune getting the vaccines licensed.”

and later states,

“The tyranny in the information space is the biggest challenge we face.”


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Source: ‎21st Century Wire's Podcast: SUNDAY WIRE: Episode #352 ‘Revenge of the Nerds' with guest Basil Valentine on Apple Podcasts


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