“The prospect of a return to pre-covid reality becomes more remote” | Sunday Wire

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As Christmas and New Year's draws ever nearer, Governments and their Media mavens have decided to escalate their divisive war on the Holiday Season and the minds of the general public.

In the US, Dr Fauci has taken to TV to assure children that they'll be safe because he vaccinated Santa Claus. In the UK, government ministers continue to send mixed signals about the alleged ‘' – keeping the people in a continuous state of unease and uncertainty, and all the while scapegoating all of the devastation, pandemonium and policy failures on ‘the virus'.

“The prospect of a return to pre-covid reality becomes more remote”

This strategy appears to be a deliberate. Then suddenly, just like that, and without any real scientific evidence, the have decided this supposed ‘new mutant strain‘ of COVID is somehow “more transmissible” – prompting governments to react by… shutting European borders. With this new level of insanity, it seems clearer than ever that absolute power has corrupted political leaders absolutely. Where is the love and Christmas cheer? Rest assured, we'll give some out in the first hour, and also connect with Hesher, host of ACR's Boiler Room, to get a Xmas update from the USA. In the final hour, we'll connect with our Roving Correspondent for Culture & Sport, , for more intrigue and outlandish media bombshells this week. All this and much, more. Enjoy the show…






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Source: ‎21st Century Wire's Podcast: SUNDAY WIRE: Episode #354 ‘Don't Cancel Christmas, Cancel Fauci' with guests Hesher, Basil Valentine on Apple Podcasts


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