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The Great Replacement – Why Big Tech's Time Is Up | The_Void


  • While politicians and the mainstream obsess over Twitter, social commentators have moved on.

  • While drinking buddies and family members fight on Facebook, intelligent people have moved on.

  • While the masses still go on YouTube, its outlawed creators have been moved on.


Now there are some new players in town and things are about to get mighty rough around these here parts…

The once all powerful company that ruled the conversational highways has been ambushed at the pass

That old Town Square is now a distant memory. It has turned into a post truth swamp where well organised woke posse's are sent out to round up and summarily execute any dissident thinkers.

Where all nonconformist expressions are deemed the ramblings of the irreversibly damaged. Those who must be routinely fact-checked by the lawless and then run out of town.

Sheriff Jack ‘shoot em in the back' Dorsey has climbed so far up the world order's totem pole that he can no longer smell the covfefe.

He's let a bunch of complicit morons and deep state bad actors dominate the conversations on . His marxist moderators have then amplified, dramatised, and sanitised these well trained conformist voices into a turgid soup of official groupthink, with the odd few ‘wrong-thinkers' sniping from the sidelines. It's as soul-destroying as watching the .

But here's the dystopian ending… has now flexed its enormous power by openly censoring the president of the united states during an election. Think about this for just one second and you'll realise they have the power to silence absolutely anyone. It's only a matter of time before they lock the President of the United States out of his account completely. The philanthropists have become the lynch mob. That's where we're at. And that is where it will end. Because the Cavalry are on their way. They have to be… it's almost dusk.

Postcards from the edge

So the question is, what is the point of unless it's to exchange information, express ideas and speak freely?

Sheriff Jack: The Clanton's were austere religious scholars

Twitter was about speaking truth to power, then power controlled twitter.

banged the drum for independent creators, then those creators were branded hate preachers and cast out.

So much great content has been deleted.

So many great accounts have been terminated.

But you can't burn ideas… and people change history.


What do the replacements look like?

For the so-called far-, Conservatives, Trump supporters, patriots, dissidents, wrong thinkers and Brexiteers who are now using forum pages and the likes of Parler, telegram, minds, GAB, plus a variety of other providers – some of which are better than their predecessors and some of which are still evolving – the best thing about these new platforms is that they are now at the forefront of the fight for and liberty.

Parler, which is full of your pre-2016 friends has ploughed ahead in the field of political commentary and free and all the ‘greats' suspended by Twitler are now on there. You can what you like and you are the owner of your own content. In my humble opinion, Parler is a good platform. Trump should definitely be on there where he has millions of followers awaiting the arrival of their champion. It's about time. Also keep an eye on Telegram which has great potential..

Find @RoboProtectiveFences

('s Calamity Sue explains that Covid thought variants will not be tolerated.)

When it comes to video content; live streaming, and information sharing, all of the people mentioned above and many more are now using Bitchute, Odysee, Rumble, LBRY,, Brand New Tube, Bittube and a variety of other independent providers like us at The_Void.

They thought they could control the world but they were wrong.

The wanted posters went up but free thinking and are still at large.



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