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The Nutters are coming…

Surviving a Leftist government is never easy. This time it might almost be impossible with a confused old man controlled by radical Marxists and Globalists at the helm.

With the total backing of and Mega Corporations, the Biden administration will be able to reek havoc on the constitution and vengeance on hard working Trump supporting Americans. It’s really not looking good for Patriots, Trump voters, Conservatives, Libertarians and freedom loving people everywhere. Without President Trump to hold back the storm, things are about to accelerate at exponential speed. Something which could leave a trail of devastation that will outweigh all previous tumultuous events in the turbulent history of western civilisation.

Biden, who will be President in name only, will be guided like an incontinent old uncle to the rest room while the pocket fillers and crazies run amok in government. As always, in times of political turmoil, we the people need to be well prepared.

Known knowns

  • Rampant back with a bang
  • Terrorism reemerges
  • Open borders
  • Demoralised populous
  • Relinquished power to UN and other globalist bodies
  • War on Trump voters

Readying Our Defences

At The_Void, we have been busy putting contingency plans in place for the coming Radical-Leftist-Rampage through our institutions and societies. We know whatever happens in America will very quickly spread around the western world and beyond. A highly probable outcome considering the ostensibly shared values and beliefs of western citizenry. Many wise old heads are predicting an economic apocalypse, complete societal collapse and medical .

Everything Is On The Line

Pretty much everyone in the America First and freedom movement will know that if victory is to be achieved it will come at a massive cost. They also understand that there may be a lot of dark days ahead. The haters and the lunatics are now completely in control of the asylum.

So in appreciation of that old ‘Boy Scouts’ Moto,

Be Prepared!

Here are ten essential things you may need to survive the Biden administration longer than Biden himself. (We give the senile old muppet no more than a year)

  1. A go-bag ready with survival equipment
  2. Solar Charger and untraceable comms device
  3. Cash (Chinese Yuan Not Dollars)
  4. A carefully planned escape route avoiding Democrat States
  5. A network of trusted friends (No Liberals – they will betray you if things get tough)
  6. Multi band two-way analogue radio (Lefties can’t operate analogue devices)
  7. Fake vaccination passes and large supply of face masks to blend in with Liberal sheep (V4X P4SS’s should be available on the dark web or from disgruntled doctors – of whom there will be many post Covid)
  8. Pictures or video of a Democrat engaged in forbidden acts (if you need this you’re really in trouble and blackmail is your only way out – Fortunately all Dems are corrupt and will negotiate with terrorists)
  9. The phone number of a bent Obama appointed judge (readily available through the right channels)
  10. A friend who’s owed a favour by the Clintons (a highly risky strategy this one, because of the Clinton’s proclivity to betray absolutely everyone).
How many pieces of silver?

Accepting The Obvious

Whilst we understand that all of these things are not going to available to everyone, its important to recognise the deep shit we are all in. There is now a high probability everything we know and love is about to go firmly down the Thomas Crapper, but hey, at least the looming dark age might mitigate the other globalist hoax, global warming.

America and the world is getting fascist in the guise of on steroids or it’s getting revolution, make no mistake about it.

My old school teacher had a phrase for such a scenario…

“We’re up shit creek without a paddle, the boat is sinking and the captain is asleep, but at least we have this compass”

Mr Cole


The Fake President

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