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Check Out Who's Engaged in the Q Pile On.

Rockin' it for

As I start this article it's important to note that your scribe will never be one of those attacking the Q movement. It's also important to note that those who are now engaged in the coordinated attack on Q are either angry at President Trump's illegal removal from office or deep state sleeper agents and creeps.

I expected such things from the likes of Ben Shapiro and I less expected it from the likes of David Icke, who it now seems is engaged in the type of vitriolic attack he so often receives from the deep staters and puppets. The one thing all the rest of them have in common is that they know nothing. They have no inside information. No source, no whistleblower. it's just pure speculation and bandwagon jumping. And while not everyone has needed Q to show them how the world works, millions have and it's been a glorious thing to behold.

Debunking an idea or proposition is one thing, but attacking an entire battalion of Trump support is obviously quite another. I have great difficulty understanding why obvious patriots and freedom fighters would pick this time to ridicule a movement that has done so much for truth and freedom when the real enemy is obvious and in plain sight.

“When no-one else can understand me
When everything I do is wrong
You give me hope and consolation
You give me strength to carry on”

Elvis Presley

In Defence of Q

Why do I defend Q and the Q movement?

Q has awoken more Americans to the existence of than just about anything else that's gone before. Q is family, freedom, and fightback. People have good instincts when they're engaged in difficult times and those that seek to ridicule Q are almost certainly deep state operatives and agenda driven paid hacks. Why would any Trump supporter want to dismantle a movement that is Trump inspired at the very least and Trump coordinated at best. Lest we forget all that has gone before and the sheer amount of credible links and information streams put out by Q and those behind it.

It's also staggering and revealing that, post Trump, Q is the first thing and their deep state stooges have gone after. As I've said before, it's coordinated, well planned, and rigorously engaged in by every fully paid up member of .

They want Q gone.



Tough Love

“Q people are morons!”

Scream the headlines and the vitriol.

“It's all a lie!”

“It's fantasy!”

“It's a dangerous conspiracy theory!”

Yeah Right!

So the world isn't controlled by an elite group of super rich satanic nonces that traffic children by the thousands then? and don't represent the best and bravest of America? Ok. Believe what you like. Have it any way you want, but don't expect to be rescued by a saviour on the day of judgement. Dismiss good vs evil at your peril. Believe that those who control every aspect of your life have your best interests at heart if you want. Trust that they really are philanthropic souls. Think that no one wishes you or your loved ones harm. Take it as red that you are important to these sick psychopaths. It may be comforting, but it won't help you in the end.

Not everyone though, eh?!

Thank god for The .

You Say You Want a Revolution? |

Under the Spotlight

The enemy couldn't be more clear or more well defined. They have been forced into the open, defending the indefensible, explaining the obvious in such a way it no longer makes any sense. Excusing outright tyranny and numerous sick acts as justified in the circumstances. Coz Orange Man Bad. know that if they can destroy Q they can destroy a significant part of the Trump movement.

Personally I find it incomprehensible that some people are still gullible enough to believe that the ruling elite are there for the benefit of anything or anyone but themselves. That good people are bad and bad people are good. What utter nonsense. Yet it works on some. The world is exactly as you sense it to be. Cruel and heartless. Beautiful and brilliant. A cruise down the River. A battle for survival. See that and the rest comes naturally. Everything do is a trick of the light. A ruse. A calculated play by the most despicable slimes on this jewel of a planet. You are nothing more than batteries to them.

Law of the Jungle

Purge or be purged. It's how much of nature works. You know what's coming… all of those slamming Q will eventually be cast aside by . There's no saving them. Work it out for yourselves. See where this is going? Patriots are being cleansed from the herd. It's because nothing can get in the way of their plan for the world. Depopulation. Starting with America.

Q Family

The great strength of Q has been how it has united millions of ordinary decent Americans and made them aware of the existence of .

This has been a particular joy to behold. To see the engagement of grandparents, parents, community stalwarts, free citizens and patriots has been one of the most unifying forces of the Trump era. Seeing the sheer numbers of Americans willing to consider such alternative views has been one of the shinning lights and a significant catalyst in . Q represents the best of us. It's the quest for the grail.

“And when you smile the world is brighter
You touch my hand and I'm a king
Your kiss to me is worth a fortune
Your love for me is everything”

Elvis Presley


The treasure trove of links, maps, and information provided by Q and Q sources has not only been immense, but invaluable in understanding how operate and how they are able to initiate such depravity and evil. I for one am still waiting for any of Q's evidence and pointers to be proved wrong, misinformed or bullshit. An evil cabal of satanic paedophiles certainly does rule the world.

So get fucking used to it and start building the scaffold.


Playing the Game

The Q critics, disparagers and haters are the enemy within, because they play 's game.

They are builders of Babel and the slayers of innocents. The slime who want to destroy the Q movement are the globalists, the eugenicists, the torturers, the bag handlers, the nob buffers, the water carriers, the obedient, the corrupt, the pacifists, the pricks, the bedwetters, the godless, the nonces, the liars, the psychos, the weak, the enablers, the sycophants, the creeps, the crawlers, the sludge, the sick bastards, the deceivers, the ideologues, the bullies, the cruel, the predators, the flotsam and the jetsam of humanity. I have no time or forgiveness for any of them.

The evil that has been perpetuated by and their henchmen, i.e Bush, Blair, Obama, Biden and the Clintons etc has been staggering and has gone unpunished, yet it's the Q people who are bad? Work that little deception out and you're halfway there.

Another thing to realise is that the Q attacks are very well coordinated and the way notifies its adherents and backers of who is who and who isn't still vigorously working for the cause. Consider this for a moment, if and the Q movement is so evil and fake then why is it being systematically cleansed from the internet?

We think Q will be back when the time is right. And as they say, where we go one we go all.



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