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It’s mid summer, and there’s a distinct chill in the air.

Once again the demonic mainstream news media wheel out ’s favourite henchman, Tony ‘the psychopath’ Blair to argue for enforced segregation – mirroring The Nazis treatment of the Jews, and South African Apartheid.

The most hated man in Britain was allowed to spew his fascist bile without a single qualifying question or inquisitive response. They let the murderous maniac ramble on about ostracising the non-vaccinated and refusing them vital services. For a minute, you thought that maybe they were letting him hang himself with his own words before going in for a simple kill, but alas no such thing was forthcoming. On and on he went, talking about internment camps and on the grandest of scales, only being interrupted when veering into eugenics and the final solution.

“It is time to distinguish for the purposes of *freedom from restriction between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.”

The result was as chilling as a message from the devil himself. It left me asking just one question…

How is this absolute danger still allowed to walk the earth?

WATCH: An over excited Blair deliver some classic fascism… completely unchallenged.

“The word has got a very loaded meaning in the English language right now.”

Crazy Blair

Make no mistake, Blair is part of a coordinated attack on our senses, a blunt instrument to bring the sheep into line and into the abattoir.



Source: Less Risk, More Freedom | Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Source: Tony Blair – Vaccinated people ‘should have maximum freedoms they can’

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