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New Year Honours

We've long been following 's work at The_Void.

We used to regularly retweet his Breitbart articles with our Protective Fences Twitler account before we were summarily executed by the social media fascists. We've watched with wonder and anticipation as James eagerly embraced the slide down the rabbit hole into a world of revelation unrevealed to so many. We nodded along approvingly as this uncaged falcon quickly adapted to his new found freedom with absolute relish. Here was a man willing to listen to everything and use his own inbuilt discernment, instinct and judgement to work it all out for himself. An act of personal courage very few educated journalists ever reach or are even willing to contemplate. Yet it's the one thing that used to make the British brilliantly quirky, their innate curiosity. So it has come as no surprise to those familiar with his work that JD has been absolutely rock solid during the entirety of the quick-march towards and .

One nil to the Arse…

Match of The Day

The debates at the void have been long and hard over the London Calling … who is Toby Young really? The perfect foil for red pilling the political plebs? Or bloated buffoon who regurgitates nonsense faster than Dan Hodges changes political allegiances? Whatever the answer, London Calling is great political banter and provides an excellent insight into the morons that make up the political landscape of the UK. We never miss it.

Probably the best and most consistent must watch/listen to on the net at present. It is literally thee unmissable for sceptics and those preparing for . With guests ranging from cancelled medical professionals and lawyers with impeccable credentials to diverse Leftfield thinkers and researchers like Clif High and Jay Dyer. This is probably the most intelligently produced available today with crucial insights and digestible content for truth-seekers everywhere. Witney Webb, Patrick Wood, Laura Dodsworth and Mike Yeadon are four excellent places to start if you are not already familiar with the series.

Greatest President ever !!

Breitbarts Barbarian

We recommend you also check out JD's Breitbart archive. Always hilarious, invariably spot on, and the proverbial punch in the face to whoever finds themselves that weeks target. His latest is no exception. The Fuck You Honours list.

“From mass immigration to the entrenchment of the Deep State, from the sabotaging of Brexit to the promotion of , there is no living person who has done more to destroy Britain and destroy it utterly than this creepy, goat-eyed servant of Satan.”

Sir James slaughters the demon

The Duck is the highlight, no doubt about it.

Brothers In Arms

And last but not least there is the Brotherly Love series of chats, where Dick and James often sound like they've just got up early from a heavy night out and are rapping over coffee. Quality stuff. Good breeding counts.

“There is no BBC coming into my house, it's like stopping an open sewer flowing through your home”

Dick Delingpole
Cam ping

From To Covid

Name another journalist who has done more to expose the utter ridiculousness of the global hoax that is , other than JD? It's our guess, that it was this initial calling that probably started him on his journey of discovery down the rabbit hole. I mean, think of a subject (apart from ) that has more credibility holes in it than global warming… you can't!

Swiftly in there…

Follow The White Rabbit 🐇

This is a journey of discovery that is explained most eloquently by savant Neil Kramer in his legendary Staircase of Disbelief proposition. Neil would make an awesome guest for – we await in anticipation.


With The_Void just days over a year-old, the various Delingpole content hosted here has already received well over 40,000 views in total. So, while we're not quite fully paid up members of the JD fan club just yet, we can appreciate an honest man's fearless endeavours at finding out the truth about our world, how it works, and who's really running it.

God bless and continue on… “til the last man standing”.


Delingpole in The_Void

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