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Understanding The Enemy

from – 2 Sep 2022 |

A fascinating discussion, talks to from about the manipulation of and the elevation of certain user accounts by bot generated traffic.

Williams: 54% of Twitter‘s traffic is bot generated, we estimate that's much higher. 

runs a UK based channel that began in march 2020, he interviews world leading experts, he has analysed and broken stories such as Diamond Princess, Distortion of death statistics, Splitting hospital admissions “for” Covid and “with” Covid, Exposes dishonest methods used by and Disclosed real data on ICU utilisation. Alex is using facts and real science to expose and defeat the oligarchy's dystopian Great Reset agenda.

“Whoever put Ferguson there, knew with 100% certainty he would present a massively inflated number, that was his job and that's why they put him there.”

54% of Twitter‘s traffic is bot generated.

80% Bots*

*Estimated by

World War III

is one way or another spiritually aligned with . I think these are very dangerous people. The more I begin to understand what they're doing the scarier it is. These people are beyond anything I've ever come across. We're trying to understand how they operate, it's so terrible.”

Revealing The Methods

In order to protect yourself from , you have to be aware of how it works. Identifying and understanding the methods of the manipulators is key.


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Source: Alex Williams from Thinking Slow


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