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The Technocratic Gulag

– June 24th |

Meet of Cantillon Consulting. Sean and James talk about how to survive the collapsing financial system, is a safe haven or the belly of the beast, and what kind of world we want to build if we survive the coming apocalypse…

“The problem is – with this rush towards the technologically backed eco-feudalism which the Davosians want, with all this wild talk of useless eaters, and trans human alteration, and genetic modification, and da da da da da – will we have the chance to come back if we cross that threshold?

“It's the eschaton!”

“It's not just a human , it's an anti-human that we face.”

It's the end of the world as we know it.

An hour long strategic, economic and geopolitical consultation like this would ordinarily cost a nice wedge. Delingpole is providing it for free.

Fun times ahead. The_Void.

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