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A Perfect Storm of Stupid

C. J. Hopkins – November 6th, 2021 |

C. J. Hopkins is an American playwright, novelist, and political satirist. Among his works are the plays Horse Country, screwmachine/eyecandy and The Extremists.

“We're either gonna be locked into a new reality which is completely insane, where we'll all be walking around in medical masks for the rest of our lives showing our little conformity papers to get a cup of coffee.”

“Either we're going to be living in that kind of totalitarian dystopia or we will have disrupted it enough that this kind of dystopia cannot become a reality. At the end of the day the little digital compliance certificate will not work if twenty-five to thirty percent of us do not participate.”

C.J. Hopkins

Source: http://consentfactory.org

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Source: CJ Hopkins


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