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In true Churchillian style, the British people are sticking two fingers up to the Globalist’s population control tyranny and are refusing to take the Covid vaccine in large enough numbers to concern the cabal.

It’s not really dystopian.

You can bring a horse to water…

In the latest insane propaganda drive, The Sun newspaper recruits useful TV idiots, Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan to bolster the desperate roll-out of this experimental vaccine.

Matt Hancock is not a dick.

“The vaccine appears to be the only way out of this desperate situation”

Top BBC Virtue Signalling Hypocrite, Garry Lineker

“I urge everyone to support – and if they can, sign up and participate”

British Army defamer and phone hacker, Piers Morgan

As Globalist owned Big Pharma and their duplicitous governments go full-chairman Mao in their drive to sterilise and depopulate the planet, the ordinary clued up citizens of these budding tyrannies are saying,

“WTF! I ain’t taking a poison vaccine.”

Stab and go…

Capitulating Corporations: Ryanair, JAB & GO!

Slogans like ‘Jab and Go’ and ‘Jabs Army’ are probably the most insulting and revolting uses of low IQ targeted propaganda during the whole of this desperate vaccine debacle.

A campaign run out by the likes of the BBC, Sky News, and The Sun newspaper – three organisations that hate Britain and hate its people even more – and headed up by the two biggest pricks on Twitter, Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan, of shallower men you’ll never glimpse.

Despite what you might hear on the State News and the State Proxy News services, the great majority of the British people aren’t interested in taking an unnecessary, possibly harmful, experimental vaccine. Especially when… the virus may be less harmful than the cure.

Also we are yet to hear whether Bill Gates, Gary Lineker, Piers Morgan or Matt Hancock have actually taken the vaccine. Cough. Whatever. These slimes will still be calling for masks and forced vaccines in perpetuity, it’s the nature of these hypocritical beasts.


Source: The Sun on Twitter: “Tomorrow’s front page: ‘Join our Jabs Army’

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