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Paid Actors and Shills

– 30 April 2023 |

James catches up with Alex from ‘', discussing who is and who isn't ‘the real deal', who promotes themselves via ‘paid-for bots' and how do we know if someone is genuinely ‘'.

Alex's analysis builds an agenda to oppose the totalitarian system that is rapidly being constructed with the aim of pushing through . Exposing the dangerous plan that could crush the liberty of the citizens.

“Anything that's a definitive statement about this vaccine is impossible to make. If you made any definitive statement about safety you'd have to say it was dangerous.”

How to Spot a Controlled Op Shill

Three Tests to Resolve Bitter Debates

  1. Has the person had a successful career which has been damaged by speaking out?
  2. Have they ever been censored on any platform?
  3. Is their position based on logic?

Source: Thinking Slow


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