THE WORLD ON FIRE Featuring Michael Tsarion | David Whitehead

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They lose if you are able to see

THE WORLD ON FIRE Feat. – 21 April 2021 |

, and Secret Society Iconography 

speaks with world renowned author, researcher and historian about his recent work on Unslaved presenting on subjects like: The Brotherhood of Death, Age of Dionysus, Gnosticism Exposed, The Moral Universe, Blood Rites, History of Ireland, Mass Psychology and more.

“The spell that we're under breaks the moment you know what you're looking for. The moment you see what they're doing, they have lost their power over you.”

“They lose if you are able to see.”

How does the past affect the present? Where did all of this begin?

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Source: THE WORLD ON FIRE Feat. Michael Tsarion (Truth Warrior)


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