Cult of The Medics – Chapter X Overview | David Whitehead

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Who Are “They”?

Cult of The Medics Chapter X Overview – Nov 2023 | David Whitehead

David Whitehead discusses his research, ideas, themes and concepts presented in chapter X of his incredible ‘Cult of The Medics’ series.

David Whitehead is the host of the TruthWarrior Podcast and co-host of the Unslaved Podcast with Michael Tsarion. He has created a multi-part documentary series called “Cult of the Medics” that explores the history of hospitals and the medical industry, and what it means to be human. The series fuses together his many years of conspiracy research and investigative journalism.

The series is an investigation into the medical industry and how it has been weaponised and turned against the general public. It explores the history of centrally controlled medical care and how it has been used to rob people of their freedom.

The series also delves into the meaning of being human and how the medical industry has impacted our understanding of ourselves.

Cult of The Medics series in The_Void

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