Rachel Elnaugh: “This is a Strategic Global Corporate Hostile Takeover Bid” | The Delingpod

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The World is Being Run Like a Business

– June 18th, 2021 |

Rachel Elnaugh is a British entrepreneur who founded the UK gift company Red Letter Days. She was one of the investors participating in the first two series of BBC Two's TV show Dragons' Den. Rachel talks with James about the never ending lockdowns, , and much more.

“I think that small local community groups of people coming together, linking and creating strong local networks is really powerful and as those groups join and link up there will be a whole grid of people across the planet who are the resistance.”

is just a psychopath. I wouldn't even get him to babysit my children let alone run the National Health Service.”

“There is a lot of fear now amongst these public figures because of the threat of Nuremberg trials. They know that they are lying, they know they are not telling the whole truth, they know they are misleading the public and there's a very real threat to them that they will be tried and they will be hung!”

Rachel Elnaugh

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Source: Rachel Elnaugh


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